Top News: Ben Affleck, 47, Gets Rid Of His Gray Hair For Beard Makeover & Looks So Much Younger

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What year is it? After Ben Affleck cut away all the gray hair in his quarantine beard, the ‘Argo’ star looked as young and as baby-faced as he did back in 1997!. Ben Affleck was giving off some serious Chasing Amy vibes when he and girlfriend Ana de Armas, 32, took their dogs for a walk on Monday (May 25.) The 47-year-old Ben must have found his clippers because he suddenly had a beard without a spec of gray in it. Just a month prior, Ben was seen sporting a salt-and-pepper beard that was more salt than pepper, and while he looked good, this new makeover is incredible. Ben looked decades younger during his walk with Ana, and judging by his smile, he seems happier to see the gray go away.

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