Steam Game: Carnage

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Carnage is a multiplayer vehicle creation/destruction-based game where players must try to dominate an arena with their personalised carnage vehicle. With an array of weapons to suite any playstyle, only your enemies can stop you now.

About This Game

Carnage is a multiplayer vehicle creation/destruction-based game where players must decisively and tactically try to dominate the arena with their personalised carnage vehicle. Players will have an array of primary weapons to choose from, all to suite a certain playstyle. The arenas the vehicles battle in are specifically made to offer long and short distance engagements, with special weapon pickups and resource points also littering the map to make every brawl unique. All of this action takes place in a world which feels like it is alive. With moving components all around the world, they’ll be many ways a player can make every battle unique. To amplify the gameplay, Carnage will be multiplayer driven to ensure that chaos is at the forefront of design.

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Steam Game: Jelly Brawl: Classic

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Jelly Brawl: Classic is a FREE physics based party game where you gotta flop, and pop your way to the top! Fight alone or against friends and experience the mayhem of the Classic mode as you struggle to be the last jelly standing!

About This Game


Participate in competitions, giveaways, and get early access to the game!

Jelly Brawl: Classic is a FREE physics based party game where you gotta flop, and pop your way to the top! Fight alone or against friends and experience the mayhem of the Classic mode as you struggle to be the last jelly standing!


  • SLIMEY PHYSICS BASED MAYHEM! With simple point and go controls, Jelly Brawl is easy to pick up but hard to master. Without quick reactions and well timed taps, it’s easy to lose control of the slick jelly.

  • UP TO 4 PLAYERS VERSUS PLAY! Face off against up to four of your friends in local multiplayer! Fight to be the last jelly standing on the stage or take the victory in one of the many mini games!*

  • A WHOLE SLEW OF MINI GAMES! Duke it out in “Classic mode” where you fight to be the last jelly standing while facing off in a variety of boss rounds in classic mini game fashion.

  • ENDLESS CHALLENGES AND UNLOCKABLES! Complete endless challenges and level up to unlock new playable skins, stages, and modes!

*Local Multiplayer requires the use of controllers. Only one player can use a keyboard and mouse.

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Steam Game: Dungeon Core

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Dungeon Core is a roguelite top-down shooter where you get to explore the sewers and beyond to ultimately reach an old underground research facility. Old nuclear waste has caused dangerous mutations in creatures due to a failed experiment. You set out to destroy the abandoned nuclear core.

About This Game

Take the role as a liquidator descending down the sewers and beyond to destroy an old abandoned nuclear core. The core is a relic from an old, failed experiment where the goal was to mutate creatures and use them as weapons. But… the mutants wouldn’t be controlled and the government abandoned the project, sealing off every entrance. They deny any involvement. However, the mutants are still down there, gradually making their way up… Unless, you can destroy the core?!

Dungeon Core is a challenging roguelite top-down shooter that has an “all-hope-is-lost”-vibe, but is it?


  • Permanent upgrades to help you on your journey
  • A dozen of weapons that can be upgraded with stats
  • Lots of items & upgrades
  • Unique dungeons each time you play
  • Multiple themes themes
  • Play with mouse/keyboard or a controller
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Steam Game: Hunting Unlimited 1

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Spot your prey quickly then get into position for the ultimate in hunting action! Packed with over 220 missions – including the bonus Master Campaigns – pursuing 5 species of game in 5 rich environments, Hunting Unlimited is the innovative original hit that started a long running series!

About This Game

In Hunting Unlimited, there’s no waiting for your prey to come to you – the game puts you right into the heart of the landscape and within shot of your quarry. Gone are the endless hours of empty forests and unused shots. The search for an elusive prized trophy has never been more action packed, or more realistic.

  • Stalk your trophy prize – White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose and Brown (Grizzly) Bear – through the massive mountain ranges, streams, fields and forests.
  • Face a high variety of challenging scenarios in over 220 missions, including the bonus Master Campaigns.
  • Explore the rugged terrain of Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Arizona, and British Columbia.
  • Start each action-packed hunt with the right selection of firearms, bows and accessories – over 30 items!
  • Use Hunting Unlimited’s Animal Database to learn your prey’s typical behaviors, scientific names, and observe each animal in their natural habitat.
  • Immerse yourself in the richest hunting environment yet, with slithering snakes, soaring eagles, wild wolves and buzzards, rabbits and other creatures.
  • Witness ultra-realistic animal behaviors–watch rutting bucks chasing does, bears defending their kill, aggressive bulls challenging each other and more.
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Steam Game: Long Live Caesar

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44 BC. Caesar, dictaror of Rome, finds out that the threat of conspiracy comes from the people closest to him. Can you resist the impending danger and rewrite history?

About This Game

Long Live Caesar is a Turn-Based Strategy/RPG/brain-twister where you play as Gaius Julius Caesar, who must uncover all conspirators in the Senate, Magistrate and Legion. Dark days are coming to an Empire – senators weave intrigues, the army going to rebel, and the Roman citizens expect strong-willed decisions from you. Can you resist the impending threat and save Rome?

Famous historical characters of Caesar`s era can help you in that trouble, or they can stop you. Be careful. Can you get everyone of them and unite under the banner of SPQR?

Choose your decisions wisely, expose enemies and reward friends. And remember only you can judge will Caesar survive or not. Rewrite history with Long Live Caesar!

* Detective, Strategy, RPG and brain-twister in one game. And all of it – in Ancient Rome!
* Exorbitant level of juicy pixel violence
* Roles of the conspirators are randomly distributed at the beginning of each game, which makes each passage unique
* Many historical (and not so much) events will give you definition of replayability
* Every you desicion is unconditional and irrevocable. You cant reload to your past step. You should meet them face-to-face
* Black humor and references to some modern pop-culture personalities
* Pixel Graphics and atmospheric soundtrack, that bring you back to 90s

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Steam Game: Bound Forest Alpha

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Bound Forest is a survival action game where you play as Josh, a young kid stranded in the forest fighting for his survival. Fight the dangers of the forest with your trusty bow and arrow.

About This Game

About The Game

Bound Forest is an exciting new entry to the single player RPG genre. The game features breathtaking environments, dynamic gameplay, and an immersive storyline. Players get to take control of Josh, a young boy that was recently separated from his family in the forest after a vicious attack by a pack of wolves. You must learn to survive in the wild by crafting, fighting, and exploring all that the wilderness has to offer.


A dark, deep forest and a young boy… Survival is key. Josh learned a lot of skills from his father and it is now time to put them to the test. In Bound Forest you will get to build your own shelters and camp fires as well as crafting and upgrading weapons.


It is often said that the key to survival is to keep moving. Bound Forest is a massive game with its fair share of exploration even to the experienced RPG veteran. Discover a world full of hidden chests, complex jumping platforms, and plenty of hidden surprises.

Crafting & Harvesting

Who doesn’t love upgrading weapons? Take control of your arsenal and craft wickedly powerful bow and arrows of destruction. Elemental arrows and magical gems will help you cut through your foes. Craft armour and other special items to aid you in your exploration tasks.


Take control in Bound forest and fight off wolves, orcs, and other challenging foes. The bow and arrow aiming mechanics combined with using strategic environmental objects creates an addicting gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Stealth is also a very important part of Bound Forest. Survival is all about choosing your battles wisely!

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Steam Game: Eternal Darkness

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A button-based top-down tower defense game that uses multiple mechanics for the player to enhance and defeat enemies with. There are 3 different towers the player unlocks by completing levels. Each one has a different purpose, range, damage, and rate of fire as the primary mechanics.

About This Game

This game is the product of a student project that the team made.

Eternal Darkness is a medieval zombie-themed top-down tower defense 3D style game. There will be various tactics the player can follow in order to defeat the zombies, however, if enough zombies get through, the player loses that level. There a multiple enemies that will need to be defeated using mixed means of killing the bombarding zombies. There are 3 different types of towers along with other products given to the player throughout the game. Use them and defend your base the best you can in order to survive!


Kimberly Bradley

Zachary Gilbert
Guinevere Getty
Jared Goodale
Jeremy Molnar
Cristian Pellot
Nathanial Wipf


Lily Hanna

Karen Rodriguez


Derrick DeRosia

Eric Enriquez

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Steam Game: A Night In Berlin

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A Night in Berlin is a narrative-driven third-person shooter featuring brutal fast-paced gameplay in a dark and atmospheric world.

About This Game

A Night in Berlin is a third-person shooter following the stories of 3 MI6 agents dispatched to Berlin to carry out war-time assassinations in the year 2024. The plot follows the agents as some begin to question the morality of their actions, and those giving them orders.

Play as three distinct characters, all with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Featuring fast and deadly combat, where one shot is the difference between life and death.

Fight and explore eight different environments with audio and visuals inspired by the 5th console generation (PSX, N64, Saturn).

Featuring 10 full-length synth-wave and EDM tracks composed by Zotsky.

The entire game, absolutely free, forever.

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Steam Game: VR King of Battle Cards

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Fantasy-style card game immerses you in the history of the world of the Phantor, which was captured by the evil and cruel King Revelant. Take part in the battles for the liberation of land as part of the Union of Kings. Gather your army and defeat in the epic battle of Revelant.

About This Game

Legend of the world Phantor

VR King of Battle Cards – Fantasy-style card game that will immerse you in the history of the world of Phantor.. The evil and cruel King Revelant captured this world. Take part in the battles for the liberation of the land, as part of the Union of Kings. Gather your army, learn the intricacies of using combat cards, increase the level of troops and defeat Revelant in an epic battle, bringing peace to the lands of Phantor. Experiment with a card and collect the battle deck that is right for you. In each card, the Archmage Nyriton enclosed the spirit of a warrior or magic with its own characteristics, by knowing which you can improve their strengths or weaknesses. Before you fight in the battle with Revelant, you must defeat his no less powerful allies, capturing their souls and enclosing them in cards. At the same time, Revelant’s allies are not idle and can challenge you to battle at any time using the “Black Mark” in an attempt to ruin your castle …
The full version of the Legends of the world Phantor you will find in the book “History” on the main table in his castle in the game.

The mechanics of the game

In the game, you appear in the throne room of your castle, in which, moving between tables, you can set up your battle deck, buy new cards and improve existing cards for coins received from victory in battles.
In battle, you appear on the tower of your castle. Pick up cards and throw them on the battlefield. At the place where the map falls, a warrior appears who will go to attack the enemy tower or the nearest enemy. From the power of the throw depends range of flight the card. The further the warrior appears from the card, the longer the resuscitator will fly to revive him.
When approaching enemy warriors you can shoot them from a bow, causing damage. Besides you, your side towers of the Princess shoot at enemy warriors.
To win the battle, you must destroy the central tower of the enemy. Your warriors will begin to attack it only after the destruction of the side towers. If the battle time is up, and the score is equal, you are given extra time with accelerated energy production from the card resuscitator, at the end of which you need to destroy the enemy’s towers. If time ends, and the score is equal, the defeat is counted to the one who has less than the total health of the towers.

The development of the game

  • adding new cards;
  • adding historical battles with the allies of Revelant;
  • game optimization;
  • add multiplayer;
  • improving the quality of the game;
  • adding customization of the castle and character;
  • work on game reviews and bugs.
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Steam Game: Absolutely Goode Championship

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A realistic physics based racing game with an unorthodox theme. Choose and actively pilot a marble in a downhill race against 15 different teams, race your rivals to the championship podium or just set an idle race to relax and watch, entertaining people of all ages.

About This Game

Absolutely Goode Championship is a game where you can either pilot a fast running marble as it competes, rolling downhill, on 10 different tracks or just relax, watch and root for different marble teams competing against each other.
Before the consumer electronics revolution, and for millennia, mostly what people had to play with were dice, cards, kites, wheels and marbles.
Being, originally, nothing more than rounded pebbles, marbles were able to deliver a lot of fun in hours of playtime.
In time, polished pebbles gave space to beautifully crafted glass balls, with an infinity of colors and internal patterns resembling stars, flowers, eyes and candies, just to mention a few.
One of the most fun and challenging marbles games was the downhill race, where players would spend hours planning, building and perfecting the race tracks in preparation for rooting for their ‘teams’, as they rushed downhill using gravity to accelerate towards the finish line.
Fast forward to the 21st century and now people of all ages can sit and watch videos of such competitions, in elaborated scenarios, wishing, many times, they could be able to influence the races outcome.
Absolutely Goode Championship grants you that wish.
Actively pilot any of 16 beautifully rendered marbles on 10 different race tracks in Quick Races and Championships or just start an idle event and watch to the teams competing against each other, listening to an engaging theme song.
Chose the best difficulty level to challenge your skills and prepare yourself to face a fierce competition… those marbles are not fooling around.

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