Steam Game: Verdant Village

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You’ve washed ashore in a foreign land. With nothing to your name other than a few tools you’ll have to learn how to live off the land. Explore, grow crops, and meet the locals. How you live is up to you. Can you create a new life for yourself in the small town of Amberglen?

About This Game

Take on the challenges of living a life in the rustic medieval town of Amberglen. You’ve washed up on a quiet beach with nothing to your name, not even your memories. You’re in luck however as locals are quick to find you, and nurse you back to health. The king himself is kind enough to allow you to stay on a piece of abandoned property to make your living. With nothing more than a few rusty tools turn strike out and attempt to breathe life back into this old land!


  • Create A Thriving Farm: Start with nothing, and with little more than the sweat of your brow turn your property into a bustling farmstead.

  • Master Skills As You Progress: No one starts out as a master. Level up your skills as you work. Complete specific tasks to gain powerful perks to help you succeed.

  • Uncover Lost Mysteries: Search throughout the land for hidden artifacts to piece together. The Empyrean Vale is vast and full of history to learn and history to unearth.

  • Make A House A Home: Decorate your new property with a variety of different objects. Place whatever you want where ever you want it and truly create your own slice of heaven.

  • Meet The Townsfolk: Interact and speak with over 40 characters living in Amberglen and beyond. Each character has a personality and story to tell.

  • Cast A Line: Visit the multitude of different fishing spots spread across the vale. There are over 100 fish to catch, split between different environments, seasons, and times.

  • Have A Taste: Learn to cook a litany of different meals. Get the locals to teach you different recipes and become the best chef in Amberglen.

  • Lend A Helping Hand: Find and complete a variety of tasks for villagers. You’ll find that everyone needs something done. Most are willing to teach you something in return as well.

Features To Come

  • Hunting: Hunt a variety of animals in the nearby forests of The Empyrean Vale.
  • Alchemy: Craft numerous potions and other odd items to sell or use.
  • Combat: Battle your way past any threat you come across.
  • Marriage: Find a spouse and court them.
  • Sailing: Build a ship and sail the bay.
  • Much much more
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Steam Anime Game: Explorer of Yggdrasil

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After rescuing an armless mage during a chance encounter, the explorer Mei embarks on a journey to reach the top of Yggdrasil, and to uncover the mystery of her forgotten past.

About This Game

Yggdrasil, also known as “The Tower of God”, is a giant tower that reaches all the way to the clouds. It is commonly believed among explorers that weapons of all kinds can be found within the tower.

One day, a kind-hearted explorer named Mei rescues an armless man during a chance encounter. The man discovers that Mei had lost her memories while exploring the tower.

Having just realized her predicament, Mei yearns to discover the truth behind her amnesia. Fortunately, being a mage, the armless man Gil senses their answer lies within Yggdrasil itself.

Together with her new ally, Mei embarks on her journey to explore Yggdrasil once more, aiming to reach the top of the tower and uncover the mystery of her past.


  • Unique Combat System
  • Many Weapons to Collect
  • Change Appearance with Collectable Outfits
  • Fully Voiced Heroine
  • Uncover the Mysteries of Yggdrasil
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Steam Game: Wait! Life is Beautiful! Prologue

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W!LiB! Prologue allows you to try and live one day of Will’s life in trying to save people on the legendary Suicide Bridge. Would you be able to find the right words? How many souls could you save in one day? And how would you feel if you’re not good enough?..

About This Game

The process of playing Wait! Life is Beautiful! is similar to watching a film that stimulates a nerve, especially when the viewer finds themselves immersed in the protagonist’s anxious state of mind. At the center of the plot is a young guy, an ordinary clerk, he is not at all a hero, and certainly not a magician.

Watching him, we are instilled with his emotions such as tiredness from the monotony of life and depressing thoughts about the meaninglessness of life. However, there is a desire to change his life for the better, to look for a new meaning – in empathy, compassion, while helping others.

As we try to engage in dialogue with potential suicide victims, we can study their problems and carefully choose the right words in an attempt to talk them down. This can be difficult because the main character tends to cover up his fear with black humor and an ironic attitude to what is happening. This is his defensive reaction. Against the background of stress from the stories he heard and his regrets about the departed, the main character begins to see dark psychedelic dreams that give rise to a feeling of approaching madness.

However, do not forget: all events and characters in the game are fictional. Moreover, the game does not aim at saving everyone. The only purpose is to make you think.

The full story is coming soon:

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Steam Game: Peekaboo

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Peekaboo — hide & seek on the network. Players are divided into two teams: props and hunters.Props take the form of objects and adopt their physical properties, and hunters are trying with all their might to find them.

About This Game

Peekaboo — Hide & Seek On the Network

Players are divided into two teams: props and hunters.
Props able to take shape of any object.
On each map a lot of unique objects: from small items like fast food and fruit, to large ones — like boxes and furniture.
Players armed with special guns — hunters — must find players of opposing team in a limited time.

Each side has unique skills that help to win the round.
For now, up to 16 players can take part in the match at the same time.

When the prop is disclosed, it goes over to the side of the hunters. Everyone is constantly involved in the gameplay, no one is idle!

At the moment, the game have ten maps and possibility to choose the time of day — day, evening or night.
That will completely change an atmosphere of the match. During the day you will hear the birds singing. At night you’ll see the light in the windows. In the park will appear fireflies and light breeze…
We are actively working on creating new maps!

Peekaboo Using a Nice and Colorful Graphics in a Unique Low Poly Style

Play on open servers with other experienced hunters. Or invite your friends to private servers and have fun together!

This Game is For You and Your Friends

Trading Cards!

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Steam Game: SnowFighters

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Make snowball and Throw to the rivals!! Snowball fight e-sports action game !!

About This Game

Make snowball and Throw to the rivals!!
Snowball fight e-sports action game !!

You can choose from characters of 6 !!
They can use amazing EX weapons !!

Let’s play with 4 people !!
There are also CPU battles that you can play alone !!

Let’s battle!

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Steam Game: Pyramid Plunge

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Pyramid Plunge is a lighthearted roguelike action pixel art platformer where you control an unlikely couple. Explore pyramids of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Aztech and more, filled with treasure, traps and deadly creatures. Find the exit, while protecting your paralyzed partner from peril.

About This Game

Meet Giorgio and Felicie. She likes reading and visiting museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting! Their visit to the Great Pyramid was a DISASTER! They got separated from their tour group. And entered a cursed chamber by mistake. The pyramid became alive with flesh-eating mummies and other crawly creatures. Will they put their differences aside and find their way out?

Pyramid Plunge is a lighthearted action roguelike pixel art platformer. Get transported to the ancient pyramids of past civilizations of Egypt, Aztech, and more. Explore your way through pyramids to find treasures and get the exit. Protect Felicie who is paralyzed by fear. Carry her to safe places. Just be gentle when putting her down. You got only a few minutes to find the exit, or the pyramid’s curse will flood the pyramid. Every time you die, you’ll just want to try just one more time. Oh, and every pyramid is uniquely procedurally generated! Can you reach the final exit?

  • Save Felicie using unorthodox ways
  • Every pyramid is unique – procedurally generated
  • Lots of items and powerups
  • 4 different worlds and bosses (Currently 2 worlds and 1 boss implemented)
  • Learn to swim in a pyramid !?
  • Pyramid of the Day – Play the same procedurally generated levels for 24hours and compete on the daily reset leaderboard

Besides Single Player with online leaderboards (one per difficulty), Pyramid Plunge can be played against a friend. And it’s a blast!

  • Enjoy local or online* multiplayer
  • You and your friend will both have your own Felicie to protect
  • Steal your opponent’s coins. Just throwing anything in your path at him!
  • You can even steal your opponent’s Felicie… and perhaps place her on some trap?
  • And if you exit first, you trigger the flood and get to be the annoying jelly fish. Zap your opponent to slow down his descent to the exit
  • Hilarious moments ensue. Just remember… the richest wins!

*Currently, online multiplayer is possible with Steam Remote Play Together. We’re working on a native multiplayer version.

Take the plunge!

The game is currently in active development and we’re looking for feedback on the current build. The latest build has two themes (Egypt and Mayan) and one boss WIP. The target is to have 4 themes, each with different graphics, music, enemies and boss. Also online multiplayer mode on Steam (without Parsec or Steam Remote Play Together) is currently being implemented.

Your feedback and input is crucial to make a great game together. So come join me on this adventure and let’s have fun together. You can also contact me directly, so we can play a multiplayer match of Pyramid Plunge. More details on that in the Steam Community forum.

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Steam Anime Game: Lockheart Indigo

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A private-eye must deceive a rich family into revealing their darkest secrets, before the killer amongst them silences everyone.

About This Game

“Lockheart Indigo” is an 8-bit psychological thriller. Beatris Summers, a young cynical detective, looks into the murder of wealthy robotics tycoon Evan Volkov. Hired by Aya Volkov, the victim’s widow, Beatris must untangle the lies whispered within the Volkov estate & clear Aya’s name… Before the killer or suspicion claims another life.

  • Explore the mansion’s 100 rooms for Keys & Clues
  • Interrogate 10 Suspects
  • Use Persuasion as Combat Mechanics
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Steam Game: Clash Memory Game

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An exciting game “Find a Pair”, the game is not only entertaining, but also developing, helping to develop skills such as reaction, visual memory and accuracy. Search for pairs, open levels and look at pictures that the game will reward you for passing the level.

About This Game

Clash Memory Game – the game “Find a Pair”, train your reaction and visual memory, open cards in a new exciting game with more than 30 game levels, with beautiful drawings, each of which opens if you have time for a limited time to reveal all the cards in the right pair!

Feature of game:
– Find A Pair
– Visual style
– 10 Arts
– 31 levels
– Skills development

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Steam Game: Apple Hopper

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Apple Hopper Is a 2D akrad with a side view, the task is to jump on platforms as long as possible and not fall.

About This Game

Compete with your friends and set new records!
The game is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, the main thing is not to rush and accurately calculate the angle and force of the jump.

-3 colorful locations
– Pixel graphics
-Mouse control

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Steam Game: Star Puzzle

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A beautiful puzzle game in which you collect pieces into a whole picture, choosing between difficulty levels and dozens of levels, improving your skills, limited time and lives.

About This Game

Star Puzzle-a Classic puzzle for quick thinking and reaction, you need to collect puzzles in a single picture, choosing between the easiest level for beginners, and the most difficult for avid players, who are not afraid of a lot of small details, limited time and number of lives!

Game features:
– Select the difficulty level
– Beautiful Pixel-Art
– Convenient control
– Puzzles

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