Steam Game: Approaching Infinity

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A sci-fi turn-based, tile-based Traditional Rogue-Like of incredible scope, accessible to new players, challenging to experienced rogue-likers. Explore an infinite procedural open-world universe full of unique environments as you lead your ship and crew to victory or death. Okay, mostly death.

About This Game

Take command of your ship and crew as you explore space, planets, caves, shipwrecks, temples, and other dangerous locations. Find, buy, and sell commodities, equipment, and mysterious artifacts. Defend yourself against aggressive space pirates and hungry planetary denizens. Complete quests for profit, or to change the very power structure of the galaxy!

And the universe is infinite…

There is no limit to the number of sectors and planets you can explore, and there is
no “level cap”. Everything keeps getting more powerful, including your enemies!

Key Features:

  • Infinite Universe in Bite-Size Pieces: You can win after 20 levels, or keep going to sector 5000 and beyond! Manageable maps keep you from getting lost in this open-world space adventure.
  • Infinite Gear: There are always new weapons, shields, and devices to find, craft, or buy. They just keep getting better, the further you go!
  • Infinite Challenge: Sure, your stuff keeps getting better, but the aliens, robots, and monsters get stronger too!
  • Infinite Death: Did I mention the monsters? Because MONSTERS! …and black holes and ion storms and horrible diseases and laser-gates and cave-ins and lava and …
  • Multiple Victories: Find and escape with the Amulet of Yendor. Become the conscience of a fledgling robotic civilization. Avenge humanity’s decimation or befriend their overthrowers. Ascend to quasi-god-hood. Destroy the universe(?!). Diverse satisfying endings await the intrepid explorer.
  • Procedural Crafting: Each new game scrambles the crafting recipes! So you think
    “surge frequency diode” + “quark screw” = “cloaking device”? Not anymore…
  • Sentient Alien Species: 12 alien races with their own stories, agendas, and quest-lines. But remember: taking sides makes not just friends but enemies too.
  • Turn Off Perma-Death! Just want to explore? Turn Off Perma-Death! (and achievements.)

Make hard decisions about the lives of your crew:

Discover the remnants of an alien civilization from millions of years ago: The Firaxughinians (“Firax”) used technology to shift their existence into a higher realm, essentially becoming gods. Even their every-day objects are infused with incomprehensible energies…

Okay, but what is the game actually like?

  • Customize your captain, class, skill, and ship type.
  • Enter sector 1 and start exploring space.
  • Take your time moving around the map: every turn could be your last!
  • Land on a planet, pick up some resources, fight or avoid the local life forms. Try desperately not to run out of oxygen. Return to your ship with the surviving crew (if any).
  • Find the local space station before your ship runs out of supplies. Sell your loot. Buy new weapons, defenses, components, and devices. Find some paying work. Hire a new skilled officer if you can afford them. Maybe buy some crafting parts?
  • Explore the rest of this sector, discover clues to hidden locations. Then head for the warp point and travel to sector 2, 3, 10, 20, 51, 200, INFINITY!
  • Get better stuff.
  • Face tougher challenges.
  • Repeat
  • DIE

What’s different about the Steam version so far?

  • Fullscreen 1080p display
  • New and updated user interface and tile art (Just the map in the new version is larger than the entire game used to be!)
  • New monsters, quests, devices, classes, and skills
  • Whatever the Steam Community can come up with!
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Steam Anime Game: Explorer of Yggdrasil

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After rescuing an armless mage during a chance encounter, the explorer Mei embarks on a journey to reach the top of Yggdrasil, and to uncover the mystery of her forgotten past.

About This Game

Yggdrasil, also known as “The Tower of God”, is a giant tower that reaches all the way to the clouds. It is commonly believed among explorers that weapons of all kinds can be found within the tower.

One day, a kind-hearted explorer named Mei rescues an armless man during a chance encounter. The man discovers that Mei had lost her memories while exploring the tower.

Having just realized her predicament, Mei yearns to discover the truth behind her amnesia. Fortunately, being a mage, the armless man Gil senses their answer lies within Yggdrasil itself.

Together with her new ally, Mei embarks on her journey to explore Yggdrasil once more, aiming to reach the top of the tower and uncover the mystery of her past.


  • Unique Combat System
  • Many Weapons to Collect
  • Change Appearance with Collectable Outfits
  • Fully Voiced Heroine
  • Uncover the Mysteries of Yggdrasil
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Steam Game: Wait! Life is Beautiful! Prologue

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W!LiB! Prologue allows you to try and live one day of Will’s life in trying to save people on the legendary Suicide Bridge. Would you be able to find the right words? How many souls could you save in one day? And how would you feel if you’re not good enough?..

About This Game

The process of playing Wait! Life is Beautiful! is similar to watching a film that stimulates a nerve, especially when the viewer finds themselves immersed in the protagonist’s anxious state of mind. At the center of the plot is a young guy, an ordinary clerk, he is not at all a hero, and certainly not a magician.

Watching him, we are instilled with his emotions such as tiredness from the monotony of life and depressing thoughts about the meaninglessness of life. However, there is a desire to change his life for the better, to look for a new meaning – in empathy, compassion, while helping others.

As we try to engage in dialogue with potential suicide victims, we can study their problems and carefully choose the right words in an attempt to talk them down. This can be difficult because the main character tends to cover up his fear with black humor and an ironic attitude to what is happening. This is his defensive reaction. Against the background of stress from the stories he heard and his regrets about the departed, the main character begins to see dark psychedelic dreams that give rise to a feeling of approaching madness.

However, do not forget: all events and characters in the game are fictional. Moreover, the game does not aim at saving everyone. The only purpose is to make you think.

The full story is coming soon:

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Steam Game: 東方催狐譚 ~ Servants of Harvest Wish

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Set off on a journey to an autumnal paradise in this bountiful Touhou vertical Bullethell Shmup fan game made by overseas fans!

About This Game

Set off on a journey to an autumnal paradise in this bountiful Touhou fan game made by overseas fans!

東方催狐譚 ~ Servants of Harvest Wish is a fan-made Touhou Project game made using the Touhou Danmakufu ph3 shooting game engine and is the second game made by Team Dreamcatcher. Servants of Harvest Wish provides quality gameplay, wonderful music, a unique plot and many secrets to be unfold. Join Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya and Ryouko as they explore various locations to expose the mastermind pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

– Game Introduction –

Servants of Harvest Wish is a vertical-scrolling shoot’em-up game with 6 stages + an additional extra stage. The game features a “Harvest Mode” mechanic that cleverly combines both survival and scoring play. Each character has a set of two shot types, plus a unique ability linked to gameplay. This game can be enjoyed from casual players to skilled STG maniacs thanks to the various difficulty levels.

The game features various secrets that can be unlocked through both regular runs and practice runs. Discover all different methods of unlocking Abnormal Barrage Spell Cards, as well as something special for expert players.

– Story –

A new incident causes all of the crops throughout Gensokyo to wither right before the harvest season, exposing the Human Village to the threat of famine. Expecting different reasons, the heroines set off to expose the heartless youkai who are behind this incident, but none of them knew what had happened behind the scenes beforehand. Explore all scenarios in order to piece all clues together while enjoying the marvellous gameplay elements inbetween.

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Steam Game: Club Soccer Director 2021

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Take control of a Real Football Club or create your very own club in Club Soccer Director 2021 a new super realistic football club management game.

About This Game

Take control of a Real Football Club or create your very own club in Club Soccer Director 2021 a super realistic football club management game.

This is your chance to develop & shape the club the way you want it, hiring the manager you want, recruiting a title-winning squad, & dealing with all the busy day to day business of your football club.

No other football manager game gives you the chance to manage all aspects of the club & exert your influence over the manager

Can you deliver success to the owners and the board?
Will you keep the manager & players happy?
Can you win over the fans?

Download Club Soccer Director 2021 now for FREE and start your football management journey.

Be more than just a football manager!


Any many more improvements to scouts searches, managers tactics, transfer targets, press conferences, headlines, manager interviews, player interactions, TV money, UI and more

Choose from 820 football clubs in 38 leagues from 14 different countries across the world. Create your legacy and build your own team from scratch including home country, club, stadium name, and kit design and take them to the top!

Manage every aspect of your football club’s development and how you invest funds. Develop & upgrade your club’s facilities, inc the stadium, fitness centre, medical, training ground, & youth Academy. Increase revenues by negotiating sponsorships. Hire & fire your management team & build your dream squad by negotiating transfers & offers with player agents as well as handling contract negotiations with players and staff alike.

Just like real life, your decisions affect the attitude of the board, team morale, & even the fans. How you engage with press & media, ticket prices, the quality of your squad & the potential of your Academy prospects all have a bearing.

Comprehensive live-action stats engine mirrors real-life player behaviour & match outcomes, processing over 1000 decisions per game & generates real-time statistics for both individual players and teams.

Now in beautiful 3D you can create your own area for the club & develop your stadium, training ground, academy, facilities, fitness centre & medical facilities.

Key match highlights during the game so you can see those key goals and misses!

Leave key decisions to the manager or overrule him by implementing your own play style & deciding on team line-up, formation, in & out-of-possession tactics, substitutes & more.

Buy or loan players from a database of over 30,000 players, each with their own unique play styles, stats, personalities & behaviours. Club Soccer Director 2021 continuously generates new players on a regular basis, ensuring you have plenty of talent to choose from whether you’ve been in the hot seat for 1 season or 10! Player cycles continue beyond the pitch as some retiring players go into staff roles just as they do in real life!

Full in-game editor that allows you to edit football team names, ground, kits, players avatars, staff avatars and share them with other players

Lead developer Jim Scott is both a manager & football coach, bringing over 17 years of industry experience to Club Soccer Director 2021

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Steam Game: Faptastic Town

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Faptastic Town is a casual game. You are a newcomer to the town. Your task is to impress the beautiful neighbors and they will give you many surprises.

About This Game

Faptastic Town is a casual game.
You are a newcomer to the town. Your task is to impress the beautiful neighbors.

F̷R̷E̷E̷ 1̷8̷+̷ U̷N̷C̷E̷N̷S̷O̷R̷E̷D̷ D̷L̷C̷


❥ 20+ relaxing and challenging levels.

❥ Each level has a heart point. Collect heart point to unlock the “secret” moments of your beautiful neighbors.

If you like the game, add it to your “WISHLIST”

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Steam Anime Game: Aeon on Mosaic: Anemone 时间碎片:奇迹

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Five stories, a life. In an accident, the man named “Miracle” met the girl he hit, and the trajectory of his life has changed since then. Ten years, in the scattered fragments of time, witness together his precious memories.

About This Game

“Aeon on Mosaic” is a series of time-themed text adventure games, each chapter will be an independent story, you need to play different roles to explore their stories. “Aeon on Mosaic: Anemone” as the prologue of the series of games, tells the stories that Convallar deeply buried in his heart. In an accident, he met the hit girl Ruta, and the trajectory of his life has changed since then.

But is this really the case?

Game time: 1-2 hours
Dubbing of the main character throughout the process (non-main perspective)
9 carefully drawn game CGs (without difference)
More surrounding stories and eggs waiting for players to discover

Freshman students majoring in journalism are responsible for the maintenance of the school forum in the Youth League Committee. He is not good at expressing his thoughts in language, and likes to record everything he sees and thinks into words. He is very confident in his writing, dreaming of becoming a writer, and opening a dessert shop with his beloved.

Ruta CV: Xian Ta Wu Tong
Although the freshman major in journalism is in the same class as Convallar, there is no intersection between the two. Introverted personality, inexplicable hostility to unfamiliar people, but many words to familiar people. Like to read novels, she seems to have a strong interest in a person who frequently updates articles on the school forum.

Oncidion CV: Ping Guo Jiang
A freshman student in computer science and a friend whom Convallar met at the school’s literary club. The two often play games together and share stories and ideas. On the surface, he is outgoing and outgoing, but he is very shy in his feelings. Secretly love Ruta, but don’t know how to convey this feeling.

Cerasa CV: Xian Ge
The elusive and mysterious girl always holds her black rabbit doll Bab. On the surface, she doesn’t care about anything, but maybe a dessert can buy her.

Gerberon CV: Feng Ming
The mysterious man who followed Cerasa was often bullied by Cerasa because he was honest. Act very cautiously and carefully, and strive to do everything perfectly.

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Steam Game: Tale of Ninja: Fall of the Miyoshi

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Play as a ninja through the Sengoku period of Japan. There are many possible ways to assassinate the target and find your own nindou.

About This Game

“Tale of Ninja” is a ninja role-playing game based on the history of Japanese Sengoku period (Age of Warring States)

Game features:

Multiple ways to finish the level

The Player will receive a target at each level. However, each time player receives only minimal information after receiving the task. The Player must discover and judge how to achieve the goal next.

Usually, every mission has four ways: “wind, forest, fire, mountain” to pass, that is, four different Nindou (忍道, the way of ninja)

  • Swift as the Wind

The way of the Wind: find a shortcut to the goal, and finally assassinate the target.

  • Silent as the Forest

The way of the forest: search for available mission clues and use the clues to reduce the number of enemy needs.

  • Fierce as the Fire

The way of the fire: being like a fire killing into the enemy formation

  • Immovable as the Mountain

The way of the mountain: look for clues, complete the task in a bloodless way.

Each time you complete the mission, your nindou will be evaluated to see what you finally achieved.
Each level also has a guidance ninja that can provide players with various nindou cues. Of course, if players can find them by themselves can add points in the final assessment.

Restore the history of the Sengoku period:

The story-line is adapted from the real history of the Sengoku period.
This time the game centers on the Miyoshi clan, which rapidly rises and dominates Kinki and Shikoku in just a few decades. How did they quickly decline in only ten years? The puzzles are waiting for you to solve.
Matsunaga Hisahide, Sogo Kazumasa, Miyoshi Nagayoshi, and other historical figures will also appear in this game.

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Steam Game: The Henry Stickmin Collection

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A choose-your-own-path where failing is more fun than succeeding.

About This Game

The Henry Stickmin Collection is a Newgrounds choose-your-own-path classic, reborn and revitalized. This 6-game epic culminates in multiple entirely canon, extremely different endings. Each step of the journey has you choose from options such as a Teleporter or calling in your buddy Charles to help you out. Correct choices will move the story forward, but incorrect choices lead to a fail. If you get to the end on your first try, you’re doing it wrong. Failing is half the fun.

An Old Series, Remastered

The Henry Stickmin games have seen some good times on the internet, but age has not been kind. Breaking the Bank has been completely reanimated from scratch. Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex have all had their backgrounds and sound effects redone!

A Grand Finale

A final game, Completing the Mission, is is featured in this collection. It’s brand new, never before seen online! Cap off the series with a game 3x bigger than any of the previous games in the series.

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Steam Game: Faptastic Journey

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A completely new mechanic of the defense game. Use magic dice to defeat beautiful girls, explore the world, and find the way out.

About This Game

A guy gets into an accident after breaking up with his girlfriend. The bus rammed him in the head. When he woke up, the first thing he noticed was a beautiful creature wanting to eat him.

F̷R̷E̷E̷ 1̷8̷+̷ U̷N̷C̷E̷N̷S̷O̷R̷E̷D̷ D̷L̷C̷

The battle of the girls is very intense. Who is a good girl, who is a bad girl?

❥ Which one do you like the most?
✅ Cute
✅ Sexy


❥ Casual defense game with a new mechanic.
❥ High-quality characters and backgrounds.
❥ 20 levels.
❥ Upgradable abilities and spells.

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