Steam Game: ZERO ZION

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A Single Player/Multiplayer Experience.

About This Game

what features and content customers can expect to be included in there purchase?

Zero Zion is a third person shooter and a Stealth Action Adventure that transports the player through varied locations in where you can choose to go quiet and stealthily or Loud and guns blazing, the choice is yours. As Zero Zion takes players on a paranoid journey into the world of counter-intelligence, espionage, political assassinations and Mystery.

-First Location: Out of the command center you are tasked with stopping a deadly bio hazard that is threatening the whole world, as you make your way to the city to stop the threat, you come across a strange object.

-Second Location: With what you have discovered you are to go into the deep jungles to find what has been lost for years.

-Third Location: As you found the coordinates you have been tasked in between the Israeli-Egyptian River for a Top Secret infiltration assignment.

As the game first gets released and updated, players can expect more Locations to become available, by the time the game is out of early access we will have 9 Locations.

-Fourth Location: Antarctica

-Fifth Location: ??

-Sixth Location: ??

-Seventh Location: ??

-eighth Location: ??

-ninth Location: ??

Online Multiplayer will be released at a later time.

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