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r/totalwar - Who said size doesn't matter?

Mom I’m scared

AI controlled faction: “I refuse peace. No amount of gold will persuade me.”

AI on Legendary mode: “I’m going to send out some bottom tier melee infantry that refuse to rout and somehow they will give your titan a bloody nose.”

What in the name of Sigmar is that size

Your dear mother, sire!


Morkzilla Firefox

When you put off that mountain hike for so long that the mountain comes to you

In Soviet Reikland, mountain comes to you!

I thought my Biggus Maximus Dragon was too big but this is even Bigger God damn

…that is some Ancalagon, Galakrond level insanity right there.

I like it.

Ah, the Laboratory in action.

Gravity no longer exists!


On that day, humanity received a grim reminder

Old World Rim?

By the rules of the badlands, that thing is, and i quote: “DA BIGGEST AN’ DA GREENEST, SO ‘EZ DA BOSS.” Id love to see a ridiculously oversized idol have a waaagh following in its crater sized footsteps, just cuz.

He doesn’t even notice, either. He’s a peaceful giant, and is just misunderstood. But he’s too big for arrows to even register, so he doesn’t notice all the armies trying to kill him, or the monumental WAAAGH that follows him wherever he goes

We need Ian Malcolm in here:

“That’s a lot of poop.”

“That is one big pile of shit”

Pacific rim

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