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r/visualnovels - What it feels like having an unpopular opinion about a VN [The Labyrinth of Grisaia/Grisaia no Meikyuu] (Not exactly a spoiler but just wanted to be safe lol)

I bailed on the The Fruit of Grisaia. I didn’t exactly dislike it. It was one of those “not the right time” things. I was only able to squeeze in an hour of reading a day and it was just moving so slowly and my interest withered. I’ll get back into it someday; it’s part of my big VN backlog list.

If anything, read the common route and then come back to it lol. I did the common route + Yumiko like 5 years ago. only last year did I come back to it to finish amane and sachi’s route. because the common route was so long, it developed a lot of girls’ personalities and parts of their background that I didn’t have to fill in a lot of holes coming back to the VN after a long period of time.

Large games like Grisaia pretty much require two things from me:

The time to play it.

The focus to play it.

The way life can be, I might have the time for a 100 hour VN but not the focus, and I just don’t play it unless I can get focused into it.

Yeah honestly I considered dropping it too, I am not exactly looking for a comedy/slice of life VN so I thought I was playing the wrong game.

I think Grisaia is a great game but my God the common route is too damn long

That’s very common opinion, and I feel like I am the only one who thinks common route is the better part of the game.

Me when playing it the first time:

… I’m gonna be able to make a choice eventually, right?

Really though, I liked it looking back on it, but I’m not sure if that’s only because I remember the skits I liked, or if I actually enjoyed all of it. Some of it definitely has value for setting up the individual routes, at least, and I will defend the nickname skit to the death.

Being one of the first VNs I’ve ever read, I’ve had no concept of “common routes” and thought most VNs are like this and would continue like this for the rest of the story. When shit started to get real for some routes I couldn’t contain myself being blown away, like how the fuck could this do a complete 180?? I wouldn’t want that experience any other way but it’s hard to recapture that magic after a few dozen more VNs. I now can understand the frustration of a prolonged common route.

Yeah. And unpopular opinion: it’s not that great, either. They drop us on a pretty weird setting – it’s a school for 6 people but it looks just as huge as a school for hundreds of students? Like even the classroom is way too big? How on eath do classes work, anyway? – and then suddenly, before explaining anything at all, it’s just skits for like 8 hours. The comedic scenes CAN be funny, but they’re almost totally disconnected. It’s like they just tossed a bunch of random jokes in front of a white screen for ages. I didn’t feel like I was progressing or even learning much about the characters and it just wasn’t entertaining enough to justify. And Yuuji’s an obnoxious prick who is socially a giant idiot and always acting like a jerk while simultaneously acting completely superior to all the girls. Honestly, I just didn’t enjoy Grisaia much and basically deopped it after one route.

I mean if you’re adamant about your opinion about the work and you can back up it, there isn’t wrong about how you feel about it. If anything, it provides a different perspective which is always appreciated

If anything, it provides a different perspective which is always appreciated

Sadly this isn’t how everyone feels. An example I like to use: On this sub, comments that are highly negative towards Umineko tend to be downvoted to oblivion. And if you go to sites from my hometown, comments that defend or are highly positive towards Umineko – which would get highly upvoted here – get heavily downvoted. Online communities do not seem very accepting of alternative views if the majority of the community already has an established view.

Sounds like me & Summer Pockets D: I can definitely relate.

Niijima Yuu tends to have that effect on people..

I feel like that’s not an unpopular opinion on this sub at least, I’ve seen plenty of people not enjoy Summer Pockets on here (although I absolutely loved it)

Actual unpopular opinion – common route is better than at least 3 of the 5 routes (and I skipped Makina route because I am uncomfortable with loli)

common route is better

Ah. I see you’re a man of culture as well.

Strangely enough, Makina’s route is the most mature/epic route, imo. What was going through the writers heads when they were making the routes in this game lol

feels like common routes last way too long sometimes.

but I didn’t feel Makina’s route either. I don’t like loli either but she goes from calling him papa and having sort of a family relationship into something else. it just didn’t work.

Same, I haven’t played on that blonde twintails girl and Makina. I think I got the gist of the route by watching the anime. Since the anime is just a slimmed version of the whole game. Which was focused entirely on routes without making any commitment on the routes. I thought on the anime was Amane and Yuuji got together but when Miekyuu or Rakuen was it? When the girls are being told on Yuuji’s past, I thought that Amane was with Yuuji in that timeline. But I was wrong and ended up disappointed.

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