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This might sound weird in some way, but most of us know that in a big part of romance animes, things just doesn’t go the way they do in reality.

So, I’m kindly asking you, veteran weebs, to tell me about some romance that looks similar to reality.

How would a veteran weeb know what a realistic romance looks like?

how could you say something so controversial yet so brave

Feels man true

Big oof

Never before I’ve been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

fuck I feel attacked

The sad thing is that this is way too true

That hurt…


This is one of the best comments I’ve seen

I’m not even gonna lie, I literally thought you were telling op to watch an anime called “how would a veteran weeb know what a realistic romance looks like?” I actually thought that was the title lol.

Haha *crying inside

Thanks for the attack

Do you really needed to be this harsh? 😕

Too real ,_,


Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku – This is the most realistic rom-com anime i have ever seen. It’s about young adults who work together and are buddies. People like each other, theres no love triangles or anything and the love actually progresses. We see the characters talk about fun stuff and play games and overall, its a pretty chill anime

I second this! They have conflicts, do their own bit of growing up, and it’s all very funny, but also heartwarming. I enjoyed how each character has their own distinct personalities and go through a good amount of character development, while they show the contrast between a couple that just got together vs a couple that has already been together for a long time. Highly recommend!
{Watakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku}

Definitely my favorite realistic romance anime. Best characters, story line, anime opening, everything.

Plus Hirotaka is such a boyfriend material and him and Momose are relationship goals.

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