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r/AnimeFigures - Well worth the wait. Rei Anayami in her black plug suit.

Fly me too the moon..

and let me play among the stars….

As I grow older and look at Rei, I realize she’s 14 years old and I’m no longer anywhere near her age. If she grew over time she would look like Yui since she’s her clone. They should make an epilogue alternate story of her and the others as adults. Would make a long time fan feel better about thinking back on his old waifu. On another note, Misato has always been my number one and that’ll never change 😋.

I get that. I feel like I can appreciate this one as an adult though bc it’s not overly sexualized. It would be a different story if it was like some Rei bikini figure lol

That looks absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait for mine.

Looking at motherboards I see op

Lmaooo I was looking up mine to see where the m.2 slot was bc I was too lazy to open my pc

I thought this was coming out at the end of July? How’d you get it already?

I ordered mine from amiami. They were supposed to have stock in may and ship out days later, but the virus caused a delay. So it came yesterday.

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