Reddit Anime Post: Weekly Request Thread – May 30, 2020 : Animewallpaper

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Please post any wallpaper related requests in this thread.

Most of the time, our users are quick to help people out editing requests. We’ve also set up a few guides to help you out if they are going slow.

Archive of past request threads.

can watermark be removed from this image? someone here removed one from another one of these last week && they did a better job then i could ever do.

Here you go.

Does anyone have any mobile wallpapers of Haneka Tsubasa from the Mongatari series?

Can someone please just take the text out of this image?


Here ya go

I also Waifu2x’d it since I’m not sure what you’re using it for but the original (and only size I could find) is so tiny.

I had to reinstall windows and lost my favorite wallpaper. I’ll try to describe it since I don’t recognize it from any show.

The scene is mostly green. A hidden swimming hole with lily pad in it. Looking down on the swim hole is what looks to be a female elf/Zelda character holding a sleeping baby all bundled up and a curious goblin with a paper seal/prayer stuck to him checking out the baby. They seem to be sitting on a tree branch and the style is what I would consider a water color scene with anime style characters. I think the baby is dressed like a fish if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

Can someone remove all the text on this image please??

Can I make a request for a non-anime related wallpaper? If yes, could someone please resize this so that it fits for an iphone 11 pro max? If not tell me, and I’ll delete the comment. Thank you

Upload male wallpapers Theme black 1: Azusagawa Sakuta 2: houtarou oreki 3: Kiyotaka ayanokōji

Is there any deadman wonderland or black lagoon revy thanks alot

Is there cleaned box arts of Gundam Seed’s various gundam somewhere? Those without the HG/MG symbol?

Could someone change the name “patrick rothfuss” with ” Elodin ” in the same style in this image. I’ll be grateful.

The requests in this post need to be related to anime. But I’m a fan of The Kingkiller Chronicle, so I’ll send you a message.

Can someone make a vector version of this? With Megumin’s face included because I see some vector wallpapers has no face in it. I thank you in advance!


Hi i need a really good fanart of Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad. Thank you in advance

Can someone make this at least 2250×4000 for mobile please?

Please check the link.

More Male Wallpapers. SFW if possible.

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