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General discussion is now open!

If you wish to mention specific shows, writing them in bold is helpful for people skimming the thread to pick out the names and choose their discussions. As always, make sure to use spoiler tags when appropriate regardless of how old or popular the anime/manga is.

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Steins Gate ! I finally made myself sit down and watch it ( I’m only on episode 16 btw ) after hearing all the good things about it and how it’s like a top 5 anime and I got to say it is amazing so far . The first few episodes are slow at first ( which made me drop it once ) but trust me this is a much watch and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even prefer this kind of genre !

Where can i watch it?

I just finished it two days ago. It was a great anime, and it made me immediately watch the Steins;Gate Deja Vú movie afterwards (which wasn’t as impactful, but I’m glad I watched it).

The way I see it, I’ve got 2 paths now. I could just leave my Steins;Gate experience as is, or I could watch Steins;Gate 0.

You’ll understand my dilemma once you’ve finished the original season. And I’m interested to hear what path you choose, if you are also wanting more S;G.

I finished all steins gate series 4 days ago (it’s the fuqing best) and i want to tell you that you should watch the movie after the first season and not after 0 (but before that watch the ova). Although it’s not canon, it’s 10x more enjoyable of you were to do it this way. I did not enjoy the movie as i thought i would when i watched it after 0 (╥﹏╥)

Another thing, for steins gate 0 watch the valentines OVA after ep12 not after the final episode. Watching the ova after the ending ruins the taste again. I know cus i did that too (〒﹏〒)

I’m looking for ecchi/ harem animes with good plots (not including highschool dxd)

uhm highschool of the dead

“Is this a zombie” is a funny ecchi/harem anime with interesting plots

Love to ru. It’s very good

promised neverland is a must

Assassination Classroom

Aw watched that a few weeks ago. So good

Everyone should watch “A silent voice” it’s a very heart warming anime

I have watched it about 7 times this month alon its really good and also one of the few animes that got me to cry

Along with “your name” my favourite anime movie


I’d definitely recommend Hunter x Hunter, Steins Gate, Erased, Made in Abyss, and FMAB. I know Steins gates already been said but it’s excellent. Will say though for someone who has really enjoyed all these, got any suggestions for me?


Nhk ni youkoso, Classroom of the elite,Fullmetal alchemist, Attack on titans, Fire Force, and my hero academia. I tried to think of animes that maybe you’ll like.

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