Reddit Anime Post: This whole #blacklivesmatter support is a joke [COD] : CallOfDuty

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By this post you are pointing out Activision’s backing of the movement and not saying the actual movement is a joke, maybe reword title?

Explain this to me.

Everyone knows that the new MW report system sucks major ass, and it is general knowledge that the ‘recent players you’ve met’ or whatever is notoriously inconsistent. How does that mean they don’t stand for BLM? It’s not like they went out of their way to create a controversial account and actively refuse to ban it.

I get that you got majorly offended by that person’s actions and feel their case deserves special treatment, but in reality that just isn’t going to happen. All of their support tickets are treated equally, although this seems like an easy one.

My problem is that if you have a report system, it should fucking work. If you have a support page, it should fucking work. There should be words that trigger immediate response considering they can constantly listen to us anyways. It’s bullshit that I have to deal with that shit while trying to enjoy my gaming entertainment

He’s making about them putting their money where their mouth is.

Changing the load screen is relatively easy.

Making a near flawless, easy to use, reliable reporting system costs them big cash.

If you’re on Xbox or Playstation, use their report system. Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you because I don’t play on steam

Back in my day, pissed off kids in mw2 lobbies yelling racial slurs and hard rs were a feature.

they still are. those mother fuckers are edgier than ever.

I’m part of your day. I remember it well. Didn’t like it then either.

Tried to report him and his gamertag didn’t show up anywhere. Not in recent players, not in the in-game social recent players, not in gamertag search, no where. Tried contacting Activision Support – can’t be contacted. Tried following the guideline steps to contact them – shortcut to a dead-end so they can’t be contacted.

Honestly, despite conspiracy theories people like to draw up about how Activision and Infinity Ward don’t care about racism, it’s far more likely that it’s just a combo of their garbage reporting system and laziness.

Like, I remember reading somewhere that reports are manually vetted; for anything, including cheaters, never mind people with offensive names. People will report others for just about anything, so for every legitimate report, you probably have 500 made that need to be checked. Things like word filters are notoriously easy to work around because they’re usually designed around an English-speaking lens or don’t account for skipped characters and such. And if we’re being honest, dealing with reports is probably super low on their priority list, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was like one part-timer dealing with it all or something absurd like that.

Contact pages on a lot of similar organisations are often intentionally obtuse so that they can filter complaints down to the most determined people and through dedicated streams. This is very typical of a lot of companies. Banks and online retailers are often similar.

With the recent players thing, it’s because it shows you their gamertags, whereas what you see in game is their Activision name. So if you don’t recognise something like their clan tag, report them while in game, or it’s similar, you’re going to miss out.

The lengths organizations will go to for optics is unreal.

You understand this, so you know why they’re doing this now. Corporate America gon Corporate America.

Just played a game with a kid calling everyone the N word anytime they killed him. I’m talking the first time he died “you fucking N”.

Stuff like this isn’t really their fault, though, if we’re being honest. The issue is that video games have a huge problem with shitty children and adults, who are often edgy outsiders/losers that resort to racial/homophobic/transphobic/sexist slurs. This has been an issue in online video gaming as far back as the 90s/00s. When VOIP started to appear in games, it wasn’t rare either. Like it’d happen in CS 1.6 and Source, it doens’t mean that Valve are racist or advocates of racism because it mostly went unchecked.

Still, companies need to be better. In the case of XBL, they’re much better at responding to reports than they used to be. I don’t know if they still do it now, but I remember 2-5 years ago, they’d tell you when your reports were successful.

I’ve seen XBox send those messages before so I’d say they still do. Yes Corporate will Corporate. I’m just done with this shit man. Been hearing it all since I was fucking 7 playing Battlefield 2 Modern Combat and I’m fucking done with it.

How does a kid yelling racial insults relate to the BLM support?

Are you bashing the company’s stance because you were unable to contact them? If they said they’d refuse to help after being contacted then you could say it’s related but at this point you just wanna bitch about not being able to report someone who insulted you (which is incredibly infuriating I know) and being unable to do so. Your problem and the BLM movement are not one in the same.

Your problem – couldn’t get ahold of support

BLM – fighting against oppression of PoC

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