Reddit Anime Post: This took embarrassingly long to make lol : gtaonline

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Only R* the ultimate game master, could stop them.

But when the community needed them most, they patched a money glitch.

20 years passed and my friend and I discovered a new game, called GTA 6.

And although the Online for it hasn’t been confirmed yet, I believe that it will change fuck all.

Rick astley begins playing

Suggesting there will be a gta 6

Finally some quality and original content on this sub.

Who are the trollers then?

Same thing as griefers

The swamp guys

Less lethal griefers

Or when a modder locks me in a cage in my garage.

You forgot modders

The tech guys in the abandoned air temple

Avatar: The Last Casual Player

I honestly expected tryhards to be in this.

A real tryhard is the Avatar. He’s mastered griefing, grinding, glitching and casual play…

If youre gonna glitch money, dont grief with it.

Buy a D U M P or spend your glitched money on properties or shit. Let other people have their fun aswell 🙂

Tbh R* prices are so insane even glitchers have to grind lol

You should’ve put the MK2 as the Battleships, but still 10/10

Underrated meme.

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