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Honest question, what is the S tier rank named or why is it ‘S’. I’m just out of the loop but would agree with your ranking system as is.

S-rank originated from academic grading in Japan. Teachers could use a grade of S to showcase a level superlative to grades such as A, B or C. A way to incentivize truly exceptional academic performance and give recognition to elite students earning near perfect scores.

S stands for “shuu” (秀), which is Japanese for “excellent”.

It stands for superior

S for Star Wars tier

The problem is not that people hate some of them, but that they are assholes about it

Pretty much this. There’s no problem with them disliking them, but how dare you disagree with them and enjoy all the movies.

by assholes do you mean the people who constantly say that they hate it over and over….

This is the way.

This is the way



The only Tiermaker post on the sub that should ever be posted. Well done.

Can we learn this power?

Except the ones that aren’t. Its ok to feel differently about the movies. An entire group of people blindly idolizing something and ignoring faults isnt a fan community, it’s a cult

I just think they’re neat

Well you don’t know me mate, just because I think all the movies are fun does not mean that I ignore its faults, it just means I like to focus on the positives because it makes me happier. The tier list is not supposed to be serious and it is just more of a celebration of all the movies even though some are worse than others.

Even if some are worse than others they are all fun and unique in their own way and I personally can enjoy all of them except the phantom menace that one can burn in hell!

They ARE all fun, and i appreciate that

They are all excellent sci-fi movies. The problem with fans is they set the bar a lot higher for their favorite franchise. My only problem with them is people are encouraged to watch them in the wrong order. As with anything else, the correct order is publication order.

I really set my expectations really low for the third one, but I couldn’t have imagined it being that bad.

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