Reddit Anime Post: There’s now a mod that lets you queue up skill points, drastically reducing end turn bloat. Probably the biggest QoL improvement in WH I’ve experienced since the potion of speed. : totalwar

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I am really just trying to spread awareness for this mod (not my own). It lets you plan out a character’s skill points in one UI, once. That way your end turns FLY by, because you don’t have to distribute 20 skill points to 20 different people, having to close the window to say “Wait which one are you?”. Everybody is planned out immediately and then you just go about your business. It’s really wonderful, especially late game where I used to avoid having too many heroes for exactly this reason.

Only warning I can give is sometimes it seems like it can’t handle being assigned 20+ skills all at once, queue em up 10 at a time or so (maybe that’ll improve in new versions).

Edit: It may be important to note that you can go in at any time and change the planned skill point allocation. It isn’t permanent until it is actually spent.

This is something I’ve thought they should patch in for a while. Manually assigning every point every time is fine in the early game, but the moment you’re fielding a significant amount of heroes, it really does start to drain a lot of time. Being able to queue them makes a lot of sense.

Hell, it already lets you queue research. Being able to queue skills, whilst a little more complicated from a UI perspective, would be a way bigger time saver of the same variety, so the precedent is there.

What I’d really like more is more meaningful options for agents especially coming off a ME Eshin campaign.

Had a fuckton of assassins everywhere getting up to no good cause Eshin and it was far too quick for them to max out on their campaign map stuff which meant I was then assigning upwards of 15-20 points whereever into battle skills that basically did nothing, and having to do that for every assassin I had which as mentioned was a lot.

400 hours into the game here.


You can queue research??? How???

This would have made my Isabella Bon Carstein campaign so much easier. So many lords and heroes lol

It’s absolutely insane how much this speeds up the game.

what. Assigning skills to Izzy, 18 vampire heroes and one necromancer isn’t fun for you??

…… holy crap I’ve been wanting this forever

You know when you want something, but don<t know that you did until it is there?

This is golden.

I’d just like to add that you can also disable the “unspent skill points” notification and level up your characters just when they’re about to get some action. This way you risk fewer compatibility issues and I also tend to distribute skill points differently based on a current situation.

I also use this

Probably not very needed in the early game but when you’re 150+ turns I can definitely see that being useful. Especially for factions that have a lot of heroes running around and/or attached to their armies

This changes everything.

There are a lot of settings in vanilla that also help reduce end-turn bloat.

You can turn off the “unused skill point” notification in-game by checking the gear on the top-right of the end-turn button. Turning off the unmoved agent notification can also reduce bloat significantly.

I use those as well (not the unused skill point one as this mod is superior) but really only for the application of a hero who is buffing a region. Besides that, if I didn’t want to be notified to give them an action, I’d just disband them.

I do be wasting all my time trying to find out who is who.

I have been looking for a mod like this for so much. Thanks for sharing!

contemplating endgame bloat Let’s start a new campaign!

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