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Square Enix Is Pleased With Final Fantasy VII Remake Sales, Has Initiatives To Grow It Further

Well, there are more episodes to work on…

“Nope, we got a hit now. We need to stop making new episodes and start churning out DLC and lootboxes for this game. Turn it into a live service, maybe. We can’t bank on the next one being a hit. What’s the point of making a hit if you can’t use it to milk the fanbase dry?”

-Video Game Industry Executives.

This, I hate how blatantly driven by numbers they are. I get that is business, but Jesus have some finesse to it. Not to mention the fact that the game isn’t finished.

After good sales there 2x more episodes to work on

Well, there are more episodes to work on…

Not if the first one was poorly received.

Square? Happy with sales for once? What crazy world have I entered?

I remember last gen they could have sold GTA V numbers and been dissapointed

Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler both totally crushed sales expectations.

ff14 has been propping up the company for years now and they have been very pleased with its success.

If they said the opposite, the public would be afraid for the next episodes.

I desperately need the next part, I’m 90 hours into 7R (currently on mission 13 of Hard Mode) and I’m still having a blast with the combat system, the music, the npcs, the boss fights etc.

I’m actually amazed by how good the ost is. I did not expect it to be so outstanding.

I would temper your expectation on when you will get it.

Loved the game and really glad that it performed well. Can’t wait for the pc version though, I will absolutely buy it again for that higher frame rate.

Also can’t wait for part 2, but I might as well be excited for things in chronological order.

I know this subreddit is filled with toxic users and whatnot so this take is refreshing, but it’s nice to see the opinion of FF VII Remake in this sub has shifted from “I hate this because it exists” to a far more positive opinion (well deserved too, the game is brilliant).

However, something I am somewhat surprised no one has mentioned is that when they say “initiatives to grow further” I saw it as them simply saying “yeah, ports to Xbox and PC are coming”

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