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What do you mean? He clearly followed instructions to the letter.

Too many memories makes them dense, and too little memories makes them dense. Who knew?

The worst kind of fate.

If Arknights ever gets an anime, we get several seasons without any relationship development.

Urgh plz kill me.

*Instant noodle mix boiling water and it’s seasoning at 4am intensifies***

Dense “harem mc” dokta vs tsundere mom kal’tsit, who would win? I know doctor and kal’tsit hated each other in the past but i feel like drawing kal’tsit so deal with it, and i think i don’t need to nsfw it right?

Doctor is so dense that even FEater with Angelina can’t move him.

Even the Armed Militants be like “Damn bro.”

Not even Weedy and Angelica can push this walking neutron star.

The helmet stays on

Shaxx would be proud.

To quote a certain custodian “We’ll stay up late, play truth or dare, watch scary holovids, and eat the most delicious pasta ever!”

And in the morning, i’m making waffles!

He alitle confused but he got the spirit

She got so angry she forgot how to lynx.


Damnit just played Titanfall II since its on steam now lmao

Trust me


Ark fucking explodes


Why do I find it funny that Kalt`sit ,who seems to have traits from cats bark

Dokutah suddenly become Caesar Zeppeli to calm her down.

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