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Nexus Blitz and Ascension are the two only modes that I kept playing from start to end of their time available, I can’t do much more about it.

Ascension is my favorite. Nostalgia back to my highschool days

I only liked nexus blitz because of the 1v1/2v2’s. It was so fun clutching a 1v1

loved them both and played the mess out of both!


I think a great portion of NB playerbase is people like me that have like 1h/day to play so they won’t likely play much games. I loved the gamemode because i can play more games in the same time span, but I can’t physically play much of it

This is exactly me. Especially in higher elo queue times get somewhat long (~3-5 min, if there’s a dodge then I can’t queue up again) and 1hr is not long enough to safely play a full game. So I either have to play a normal – and even then, still risk having to leave – or play ARAM, which is just not as fun to me. I used to play a lot of 3v3 but even there you’d sometimes get 40 minute games which was no good.

All I want is:

You pick your champ

There is some variety in pathing (i.e. not ARAM everyone running down one lane nonstop)

15-20 min game time guaranteed

Nexus Blitz fulfills that so well. If they thought of another mode with similar attributes I’d play it a lot too. But as it is right now it’s really hard for me to play as much League as I’d like…

this was my viewpoint as well, as much as i enjoy aram for being short, i sometimes want to play x champion and going into SR knowing it could be over in 7 minutes with other lanes feeding, or me just being in a bad matchup and not getting to do what i want, and being stuck for 35 minutes.

This is me as well… I have much time constraints due to my life and I cannot spend so much time on League alone. However I just cannot enjoy ARAM because I do not get to enjoy playing my favourite champions and Im so out of the meta right now that playing SR feels like I will be a huge detriment for my team.

Nexus Blitz is the way of the future for me and I look very much to be able to squeeze games here and there when I can as a way to get back into SR as well.

I think they should change the way they see to the statistics then, because in 1hr you can play up to 4 nexus blitz games but 2 or 1 ARAM.

Riot forgets that video games are video games. Many of us want low time commitment matches that are quick and fun

Yes I agree, I used to have hours and hours to throw away on normals/ranked but not anymore. They should really think about introducing a permanent mode for the fans who have been playing since the early seasons and are now getting older and handling more responsibilities.

it’s the same with aram, but some people do play it seriously and dont treat it like a mini game.

The game mode would literally have to surpass ARAM numbers to become a permanent game mode. Good luck.

I would like to know the comparison of play rate on nexus blitz vs different modes in Smite.

Smite is a smaller playerbase than league (duh) but has 4-5 game modes constantly. Some are hilariously less popular than others but arent just removed.

What I’m getting at here is that i don’t get why a less popular game mode cannot exist in league and has to compare at launch to 2 modes that league has had for YEARS

Not only does it have to surpass ARAM, but it needs to be consistent with the playtime over time. URF does extremely well for the first weeks but it starts to drop players as time goes on.
Hopefully, they make NB permanent because they redesigned the whole map and love the game mode in general.

We’ve been needing a permanent casual game mode for the longest time now imo. SR takes too long, and you can’t pick in ARAM. So it would be nice to have a short fun mode where you pick who you want to play.

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