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r/gachagaming - Puzzle & Dragons X My Hero Academia Collab announced

Great game. Though still amazed how it remains popular regardless of being also a match 3 puzzle game ( which I love ) in a sea of auto battle gachas.

Honestly I think the more active playstyle gives it staying power. New leader skill metas shakes up the gameplay a lot, too.

I won’t lie though; I wish there was a way to skip/auto trivially easy dungeons.

Is puzzles and dragons still popular? I remember playing this thing almost 8 years ago.

It still pretty big in Japan and makes a ton of money iirc. Still seems popular/active in the US but not as big as it was 7-8 years ago.

Is this just for jp or global too?

JP only for now but who knows maybe it met get licenced for NA

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