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Most of the time on most of the games, skills that causing status effects are useless against bosses as they usually immune to status ailments. I mean they are the only enemies that actually worth to be poisoned, slowed, blinded, etc.

Game devs be like: “Wow, you have a skill that can slow down enemies that might help you in battle, but well, too bad it can’t be used on that Dragon, please just use it to the frogs and rats.”

you sure would like the 3ds etrian odyssey games

status effects that can be reliably applied to bosses, classes wholly devoted to inflicting ailments working alongside classes designed to exploit ailments, random battles that are actually challenging and therefore benefit from disabling enemies, etc

and thats to say nothing of stacking buffs and debuffs

the FF13 games also do a great job making buffs/debuffs/ailments absurdly useful. saboteurs are mean

Right, Saboteur role is unique (I know it’s basically Red Mage or Time Mage), now I miss FF13.

I would like to play some 3DS games, but the console is not cheap here. Playing on emulator is weird since it has 2 screens.

Final fantasy Tactics (gba/ds)is actually pretty good about letting you inflict status affects against most opponents. Unless they have a specific gear pice or a a certain monster type you generally can afflict them. In tactics advanced on the gba there is a 1v1 boss fight that can actually be very easy to deal with using the soldier class (starting job) and using the abilities from the job.

Play an Atlus JRPG. They tend to make dealing status ailments worthwile.

I think Dragon Quest is quite good at getting you to focus on buffs and debuffs. In the later stages of those games bosses often dispel your buffs frequently but you still find yourself relying on them, unless you over level yourself. Status ailments aren’t too much to worry about, although sleep tends to be more useful than in other games. In terms of status ailments Pokemon was always good for these being effective.

The thing with Pokémon is that you can basically beat the entire game by just using brute force + type advantage (well, it worked for me for ages at least) and status effects are hardly useful in battles that last up to two turns

Unless we’re talking about competitive, then yeah, status effects are key here

Depends on the game design.

In say, the Shining series (including the first person dungeon crawler Shining in the Darkness or the strategy games), ALL status ailments target every enemy in a group or all enemies within a single area. Since battles tend to be tough, it can absolutely be worth it to use them.

In games designed around longer battles with less encounters (or even a set amount of them) such as SaGa Scarlet Grace, Live A Live, or Cosmic Star Heroine, ailments can be very useful and almost necessary.

Also, there are games that do allow for bosses to be hit with a status ailment. I’ve always liked this idea since you still have to take your time to learn what they’re weak against first. SaGa Scarlet Grace and CSH are once again great examples of this. Dragon Quest XI does this and it’s one of the more exciting things about Stronger Monsters. The Etrian Odyssey series is a great example of a game where you need to learn what works on bosses or suffer the consequences. In that example, ailments are not just possible, they’re borderline necessary. Tokyo Mirage Sessions is another example where bosses can be weak to certain ailments.

I wouldn’t include Final Fantasy here usually since I consider slow to be a debuff and not a status ailment. But since you did include it, you’re wrong here. In Final Fantasy IV, EVERY BOSS can be slowed three times. It was so OP that in FFV, they gave slow to the Time Mage, made it only once per boss, and certain bosses gained immunity. Games like FF12 and 13 also allowed for ailment weaknesses on certain bosses. There are plenty of other games where enemies can be slowed as well, such as the Dragon Quest series.

If we can count Pokemon, you can use them on “bosses”.

;tldr It depends on what you play.

In addition, with games like Pokémon and Persona 5, it was in your best interest not to just kill every monster you encounter thus adding value to non-damaging moves

I like the way FF XIII handled it. Status ailments made a huge difference in your ability to turn the tables on an enemy and break their defenses. And your party members would probe the enemy to figure out which ones they can and can’t be afflicted with (libra made the process of filling in the details faster). Then they’d only use ailments the enemy is vulnerable to.

Came here to say this, also, a lot of times when an enemy or boss is staggered, they become nore vulnerable to status ailments. FF13 was one of the few RPGs were debuffs actually mattered, reminded me of my Red Mage days in FF11.

Vagrant Story did buffs, debuffs, and status effects well.

Which is why the game was such a rude awakening and steamrolled me when I first gave it a go all those years ago.

But of course it did because nearly every other game before or since had trained me like this:

Most of the time status effects are something you just power through and ignore or use your weakest damage dealer to waste their already less important turn on getting rid of it if it’s something annoying like “blind.”

Buffs and debuffs are usually something to ignore as well because why blow a turn to raise your attack when you could have just attacked twice? Why buff your defense when you could focus down the enemy and eliminate it quicker?

Only stop attacking to use a potion or healing spell so that you can continue attacking.

In Vagrant Story this doesn’t work, you need to buff yourself and debuff your enemies and pay attention to what you’re even up against and employing every edge you can or you’ll probably be reloading your save.

The problem is, that gets tedious when you have to do it in every fight. In general, any action you have to do in any fight is something that needs to be optimized out of the design.

Status Ailments work surprisingly well in Octopath Traveler where the number of bosses outright immune to ailments can be counted on one hand. They’re also not hard to inflict too.

Design Doc just did a video on this

Oh boy another opportunity to shill 7th dragon 2020. Perfect year to play this game lmao. I’m 30h in, about halfway through the game, and have yet to find an enemy completely immune to status effects. The bosses are less vulnerable to effects but it’s still possible. One time I stacked “luvshock” (hacked enemy will attack its alies, will attack itself if alone), curse (when an enemy attacks, curse deals damage to them proportional to the damage dealt), burn and freeze (both deal damage directly after an attack which is particularly useful as dragons attack twice per round), poison (deals damage at the end of the round) and paralysis (slows enemy, occasionally prevents them from attacking) on one enemy and it was so satisfying just watching their life bar melt.

The game is a good storebrand megaten that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and everything in the games just works so well together imo. Such a shame that imageepoch went bust, I’ve heard good things about their other games such as Luminous Arc and Stella Glow too.

Off the top of my head,Digimon story cyber sleuth and cosmic star heroine both did it right,buffs/debuffs basically required unless you grind far and beyond

Cyber Sleuth is in my backlog! Looking forward to it.

SMT, Etrian Odyssey, and a handful of other games have done status effects right. But I agree with you, in most RPGs, they’re useless and a waste of a turn.

Etrian Odyssey makes status effects very important.

So do some SMT games

Tokyo Mirage Sessions does a good job with status moves. For one, while bosses are immune, the adds they summon aren’t. You have a lot of moves that inflict a status ailment in addition to another effect, so you’re not sacrificing all damage, with the trade-off being that they’re single target instead of multi target.

Then you have some party members who get extra effects against enemies suffering from a specific status ailment. So you might not even want Charm to deny them turns, but so Ellie can Session off an enemy she usually couldn’t.

Kiria’s mass confuse/charm special is probably the best crowd control ability in the game, once you unlock it the elite enemy ambushes are way more manageable.

r/megaten would like to have a word with you. But yea, for the most part, I completely agree. I was happy with how well sleep worked in the FF7R though.

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