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Are you looking for more people for your guild? Are you looking for a guild? Put your recruitment posts here! Don’t forget about r/wowguilds in the meanwhile; sometimes you can’t wait a couple of weeks to find a guild.

Please respond to the top level comment that matches the Region and Faction of your guild. If you’re neither NA, Oceanic or EU then post under Other.

Other Guild Recruitment Resources: Here

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477 ilvl, 1870 Rio, 12/12 HC, 3/12 M Balance Druid is looking for a daytime raiding guild. I play weekdays 5AM – 14PM server time.

Don’t have DPS logs, but I consistently push number 1 spot with PUGs (59-60k DPS). Got some fat healing logs though. Arverni-Kazzak

<Nevermore> Stormscale

Honestly, it’s just me right now in the guild, never bothered to look for members before, but figured I might as well try and get a decent raiding group together by Shadowlands release.

What I want from you is to be chill, level-headed, mature enough not to throw tantrums and be able to raid heroics without dying to every mechanic. If you struggle with a specific “optional” mechanic (i.e Xanesh football), that’s fine.

As for when are the raids, well, will have to figure that out once we have enough members for at least partial guild runs. Just don’t be a dick unnecessarily.

If you’re interested, hit me up

Bnet: ReportGenji#2732 Discord: bomboyo#7070

Kazzak – <Malicious Compliance> is a brand new guild but steadily growing. We aim to do PvE content and get curve for current patch and future ones. Currently we’re working on teaching new players and getting them geared up. We focus on being serious when the situation demmands it, but humorous and lighthearted for the most part. If you’re experienced or new doesnt matter, neither does your class. Want to join? Head over to our Discord at or PM me bnet gnitlo#2563 or Discord Gnitlo#1490

Die Todeskrallen – Big PP Squad

Hi Guys! We are a small german-based casual guild who mostly does Mythics and PvP. Our goal at the moment is a second Squad for Mythic+, as currently we got six to seven regulars and have to switch in between runs, so noone feels left out.

We are no progress guild. We do everything we do for fun and don’t want any unnecessary pressure or toxic behaviour. That’s why we don’t care about your itemlevel, game-experience, Level or age. We are looking for people who enjoy goofing around in Discord with us and are just chill nice people in general.

If you speak english, you have to put up with our nasty german accents tho!

If you’d like to join just hit me up!

446 brewmaster monk looking for chill homies to casually raid with, got many alts, all tanks. Ragnaros realm

Hey guys, i’m looking for a semi serious guild. I don’t have logs because i haven’t raided since BoD (only pugs). Curved and 2/12M currently with pugs. I main DH, but also play wlock.Need people with good sense of humour, which are serious when the situation is serious, not bunch of crybabies. Can offer the same and can take criticism when i’m wrong. Goal is heroic clear and few mythic bosses(for starters). Would realm transfer for the right people. Currently on Draenor EU. Btag is Flippstar#21792 if interested

>>BLACKLIGHT<< [EU] [Draenor] [Horde] Is Recruting!

Blacklight is a friendly international guild looking for more players to boost our ranks and our raid team plus have lots of space for Social players + Mythic Plus Runners!

We are very active on discord! Always up for a laugh!

What we are looking for!

Raiders – We will be looking for players that are at least 465 Ilvl, plus knowledge of the fights and the ability to want to push and progress with us!



We will check your gear and push you through a few trails, to see if you fit in and do well!

Some requirements – Discord is a must! 465 ILVL! Cloak Rank 12! Ability To Learn!

We Raid Thursdays and Tuesdays from 20:00 till 23:00 realm time.

Mythic Plus players are welcome whatever you play!

That goes for all you social players aswell!

Add me on Bnet (LeoStar#21698) or Discord (KesperStar#9460) Throw me a message or ask me for more info!

<Ook You In The Dooker> on Tarren Mill – EU.
we are currently 12/12 heroic Ny’alotha and will start mythic raiding in a couple of weeks.
We raid Wed, Fri and Sun from 19:45 to 23:00 Real Time.
We are currently looking for Caster DPS (Mages,Warlocks,boomkins) , Healers( holy paladin and discipline priest).
Other dps will also be considered.
Tanks and healers for M+ key pushing are needed as well.

Contact us on battlenet:
GM : Snuffi#21265
Co-GM : Acsarus#1667

or ingame
Snuffi – Tarren Mill
Acsarus – Tarren Mill

474 Destro LF guild to raid mythic with.

Im on alonsus EU so I wont be joining the guild most likely but I can raid with you guys as if I was a member.

Impurus- Alonsus 2/12 M, didnt kill maut cause he doesnt have loot i wanted.

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The Lost Adventures<< A raiding / mythic dungeon guild. We take it easy and are very nice, we can gear you our and give you enchants no minimum item level to join or level. We raid 2pm NSW time saturdays and will help you gear out! Message >>Dru#3736<< on discord to get invited!

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Alliance, Kel-Thuzad

Btag: Jaktir#1886

<Intangible> is a fairly new guild made by a few friends to get prepared for shadowlands. As of right now we are doing what we can to recruit players. We don’t mind teaching new players on what to do if you’re looking for a place to learn we have a wealth of knowledge of the game between some of our players already. We are interested in raiding planning on at least Heroic. Mythic is a thought but not an expectation. Mythic+ is something we enjoy running often and are looking for people interested in teams for that as well as Arenas. Most of our players are Nightshift gamers are are normally active at this time so if you are looking for a place to be with fellow night owls look no further! We also use Discord and have a gaming community outside of WoW with many players from other games like: Overwatch, GTAVRP, Rust, DnD, Sea of Thieves, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (new) our community is ever growing and WoW is a branch of that I am the guild master the community owner the COGM we need officers for WoW so if you would like to become an officer we can discuss that as well 🙂

[A][US][Stormrage] <Nightmare Incarnate> – 6/12M, recruiting mythic ready raiders

Nightmare Incarnate is recruiting for 8.3 and beyond! We are a close-knit, active community of players looking for like minded, mythic oriented people to join us for Mythic Ny’alotha & whatever comes after!

Raid Days and Times:

Mythic – Tuesday and Thursday, 8-11pm EST (invites begin at 7:45) – Currently 6/12M

Heroic – Monday, 8-10pm EST (Optional)

Our current needs:

Tank – Closed

Ranged – Open – SPriest

Melee – Low – Flex Tank

Healer – Flex Healer – HPally or Priest



Minimum of 465ilvl

Must complete at least one +15 key every week

Must have Discord and a working mic

Interested in joining?

Add us on Bnet: Kay#12200 (GM), SirBRob#1522 (Recruitment), Bradwr#1665 (Officer)

Or join us in our Discord and introduce yourself

478ilvl 1900io prot pally in Uldum, 12/12H and 2/12M (that pug life boi). Been mostly guileless since uldir pugging through AOTC and a little bit of mythic each tier. Looking for something with a steady group, mostly free 7-10 or 11 EST weekdays or weekends. Will consider transferring to a high pop server.

Just getting back into WoW and looking for a chill mature guild to play with. Interested in pretty much everything; mostly mythic+ and raiding, but like to PvP and really just people to world quest with or whatever. I have next to zero current raid experience as most of my experience is WotLK and prior but do consider myself an above average player and quick learner. I’m looking for a casual guild but one that takes what time they do raid seriously. I’m open to transferring servers after playing together for bit if we both think its a good fit (currently on Burning Blade/Lightnings Blade/ Onyxia). Also open to playing a few different classes, current main is 440 Fury War but kinda waiting to see what shadowlands brings closer to release to decide main for next xpac. Message me on here with any questions or add me in game FiremanBob#1905 and we can talk. Thanks!

[A][US][Whisperwind/Dentarg]<Humble Elitists> – 3/12M Looking to have fun and raid!

We are a new guild to WhisperWind/Dentarg, but already enjoying our new home! A group of people with kids and jobs but still enjoy our WoW time.

We aim for AotC each raid tier, and then dip into Mythic as far as we can get!

Raid Schedule: Friday & Sat 8pm-12am EST

M+ night: Wednesday nights! 8pm+ EST

We are a tight knit group that has a good time raiding and progressing! Drinks optional!

Reach out to Mokael#1655 or Zaphod#1949 with any questions

We are looking for some talented RDPS to join our raid ranks!

Some links for you:

I just started playing World of Warcraft. I don’t really understand anything, but I’m trying to play a Holy Priest. I want to be a dwarf or human. I would very much like to do roleplay. I joined a roleplay server, but it was an unpleasant experience.

<Number Go Up> Alliance-Stormrage 7/12 Mythic is a newly formed guild looking for active raiders to finish filling out our Mythic team! With Cross Realm Mythic opened up, we are hoping to fill out our roster with skilled players looking to progress into Nyalotha and prepare for Shadowlands through a Trial Period and hopefully eventually being a part of our Guild and Mythic Team. We are 7/12 Mythic and expecting to have good progression the rest of the tier as we prep for Shadowlands. Our founders have CE experience and we are expecting to progress as far as possible in Nyalotha this tier since we had a late start as we started Mythic as a guild 3 Weeks ago, but we hope to push CE in Shadowlands considering how far we have come in such a short time!

Raid times are 8-11:30pm EST Saturday and Sunday

(We have an optional Heroic Carapace/Nzoth run Saturday at 4pm EST where we sell a few spots to help fund guild Pots/Flasks/Runes/Repairs)

We are specifically looking for the following:




-Any DPS with heal and/or tank OS

*Any and all skilled players are free to apply- These are just our high priority needs.

You can apply at:

Or add and message one of our Officers at:


Bnet: Nov99#1826

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions- Communication is a high priority of ours!

<Unlikely Heroes> Is a group on Shadowsong Alliance. We are mostly a group of misfits who are constantly doing random things like Normal Raids, PvP, Leveling Alts, Mount Farming and more. We use discord religiously, and are open to anyone who is kind and looking to have fun. We play other games too, like mariokart, animal crossing, overwatch, HotS, Diablo and more. Join up with us, let’s chat, lets play! We are currently recruiting as many as possible for Shadowland’s release, which we plan to get the guild bank flowing with useful things for progression raiding 🙂

Alliance, Anvilmar

Btag: Jerthose#1439

I’ve been been playing WoW since vanilla, coming in about 6 months before BC. joined my current guild outside sunken temple just before BC came out and have been there ever since. Sadly, CATA was when most stopped playing and since then it’s been a ghost town in my guild.

I’m looking for a relaxed guild to run quests, dailies, and do some raiding eventually. Mostly just to hang out with and have some fun.

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