Reddit Anime Post: Nightmare’s new skin for Chinese Dragon Boat Festival along with a furniture : arknights

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r/arknights - Nightmare's new skin for Chinese Dragon Boat Festival along with a furniture

Nightmare deserves happiness too, if the community doesn’t give it to her the devs at least do.

She basically have oppsite situation of Flamebringer where CN community love him but Devs dont lmao

Yes, may Nightmare be shown the love she truly deserves. <3

If the dev really want to give her happiness just make her better. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Whenever I see Nightmare I think of this tweet of arguably the worse 10 pulls ever

I’ve never seen Rngesus give the middle finger so directly before.

Holy sheet, same 3star character in a row

Oh, that Cleess the guide maker. Never thought to see him here.

Orchid? Orchid

Glad she gets skin, her E2 is not bad; the problem I think with it, is that Nightmare’s artist – lpip (@lpmya) – has very soft and mellow style – and that was not very good match for drawing Gloria’s split personality in some flashy, dark, fancy way. EPOQUE skin I think suits artist style a bit better.

The biggest issue for me is that her E2 art is pretty much the same as her default art. She has a slightly different pose and has a staff now, but no fancy background, and the outfit didn’t change at all.

This should’ve been her E2 Art

Nice skin! Too bad I can’t really make Nightmare work on my team. T_T

Reminds me of K5 from gfl for some reason

Same artist, Lpip.

Unless K5 is very useful

Nice. Just have to wait….

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