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Wiz is best girl

Absolutely, cute, caring AND thicc? Hell yea!


Could you be one of my people?

She’s kinda dumb, although who isn’t in this series?

Wiz is OP beyond all mortal ken, but Aqua gets CRITs on her left and right

To be fair Wiz’s Undead and aqua is a deity specifically stated to hate and want to destroy all Undead. It would be really sad if Aqua didn’t terrify the shit out of Wiz.

Oi, Josuke!

I used [Za Hando] to erase my browser history before anyone could see it, but I accidentally forgot the numbers of that wholesome hentai I just read.

Please, Josuke! I need you to use [Crazy Diamond] to restore it! I need to know what the numbers are it’s driving me crazy, Josuke!

God damnit, Okuyasu, I keep telling you that 「Crazy Diamond 」can’t restore things that you’ve erased!


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Aqua Is a fucking op goddess, why do people think that she is usless, she oneshotted two king demon generals

Because generally her stupidity ends up causing more problems than she solves and often the problems she solves were caused by her in the first place. She has a lot of power but not enough brains to make good use of that power.

But it’s also hyperbolized as a meme because Kazuma frequently calls her useless.


oneshotted two DKGs?

Tell me who she oneshotted other than Wiz

I will keep calling her useless as long as y’all keep taking it too seriously.

You conveniently left out the fact that one of those times she also one shotted the city wall.

laughs in incognito

Maybe, just maybe

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