Reddit Anime Post: LCK production (Summit vs Nuguri as fighting game) : leagueoflegends

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Hmm, Morde was in the air before the Wuk’s Q hits. Didn’t know you can buffer it.

Thank you bot

LCK production is so fucking good



Korean production is out of this world since Brood War days.

Meanwhile in NA:

Sushi dragon.

Hijacking top comment because I read the entire thread and no one has posted a link to the in-game VOD of this fight yet

How is LCK so goooood then you know….LCS…

Ironically the first couple years of Riot KR production were BRUTALLY criticized. People think they finally came back to form recently.

It’s legit depressing watching shit like this and then watching NA LCS.

watched this one live, it was an ass clencher

also Morde would be so fucking cool as a fighting game character lol

GBVS basically has Morde with Vaseraga minus the mace and he’s the coolest looking character

So many League champs would make great fighting game characters.

Mordekaiser could be this big dude that goes unga bunga on you close range with super armor on some of his moves.

Sett could be a crazy grappler with multiple command grabs that combo off each other.

Vi could be a rushdown character with rekkas, or be focused solely on punching and dodging similar to Steve from Tekken.

Kled could be this weird unorthodox character with mounted and dismounted stances.

Lee Sin could be a shoto fighter because that’s basically his whole thing.

I could go on and on and on. I really hope we hear something from Project L before the year ends.

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Just a reminder that a League fighting game is actually in development.

That’s why they’re making a fighting game.

I’m fucking dying for the League fighting game to get here. 90% of them right now feel like absolute trash to play online.

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