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r/gachagaming - Last Period X ReZero collab confirmed!

I assume the guy in the middle is the main character?
Sword user
Messy hair
Plate bits (but not too much)
Red accents

Good to go.

If you see this post within 24 hours, I highly suggest you give the game a try now. We are on the last day of anniversary and there are some insane banners going on now. For a start, 400 summons if you login right now!And the pool includes some limited and op characters. We also have a focused scout, which you can select a specific character to focus the 3% rates on. There is also the 4th anniversary gacha featuring the ex-MC Haru who is powered up and insanely strong with his own unique skill. All of this goes away in 24 hours so good luck rerolling!

It has stiff competition, but Last Period might be the worst game name I’ve seen.

Art looks great tho.

The art looks so good… how is the game holding up? I am playing Priconne and DFFOO right now while studying for exams, how will this game fit in?

The game is pretty f2p friendly, and you don’t have to worry about gear stats like E7 or SW. It’s also 4 years old and going strong, so I wouldn’t worry about it ending service anytime soon. This won’t use up a lot of your time if you jump into it. Good luck for your exams!

hey, would you mind breaking down the basic gameplay mechanics please ? I gladly appreciate it

This is a copy paste:

Hey, I like the art of this game a lot. Can you please tell me about the game if you can? I downloaded and played it for 30 minutes during the bridal banner. Got white haired wife on first multi without rerolling but deleted the app because of the intimidation of the game. I saw way too many menus and home screens and got a little scared because of all the things going on. I know the game has some years behind it.

Can you tell me about it if you can?

Hotel – Trivago

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