Reddit Anime Post: *Inaudible Chants* – Ptilopsis : arknights

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What language she uses for her Big Data Programming language?

Python, because Owls hunt snakes (smol snakes)

I don’t believe that you have a List of puns in your library for this routine to continue.

If only Saria was here

not just python, she can speak C++, Java, Pascal, and CMD

Unknown to us, she is quietly chanting the explosion spell to kill us all for the under the desk memes


*erahase intensifies

Awwww I wanna hug her man.

This comment is suprisingly wholesome.


nice art! i really love your works, they are so adorable.

I know right? Seriously, dude doesn’t get enough credit for these.


Me a fgo and arknight player: RAPID CASTING RANK A+

How cute


Ptilo: This is what it means to go even further beyond…

activates S2


Silience: Ptilo what are you doing? You’ll use up all the SP you have on Terra

Ifrit: Wow, Dokutah’s assistant is putting out some crazy healing. Oh crap I better burn these guys I don’t wanna get in trouble again.

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