Reddit Anime Post: If you say JG diff because the Ivern on your team does not have as much impact as a Lee Sin early game, because you refuse to ward and not die to ganks. You’re the problem. : leagueoflegends

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So frustrating how people have no clue what matchups are. They just play every game the exact same no matter what

People that expect you to follow a Zed roam as Orianna are worse.

“Just follow the [Insert assassin midlane here] you trash [Insert control/scaling mage midlane here] you dont even leave lane. I dont care about your pings they’re useless”

top’s version: “vlad, why didnt you follow irelia/wukong/darius/renekton?”

Like I swear.. I’m fucking veigar how do you expect me to follow a zed/talon/fizz whatever roam? Some people lol

Or when you get flamed for not following a TF/Taliyah/Galio roam.

I fucking hate this. I play alot of Lux mid and the amount of time they want me to follow a Zed , Qiyana even Syndra and I’m like ” If I follow them I am dead.”

I dont win a straight 1v1 against most champions since I’m super squishy and immobile and am supposed to poke and harass until low hp.

If you don’t ping, you should’ve pinged.

If you ping, you should’ve followed

If you followed, you were late.

If you were late, you’re bad.

There’s no escaping the blame, I just fullmuteall and don’t ping. Life gets a lot easier that way.

i mean people spam ping me to gank them lvl2-3 as eve.just because their lee sits in their bush.

this is in fucking diamond elo mind gets even worse when in lower ranks.

ah,i guess better jgl wins?

Jg diff if I am up 3 drakes on the enemy lee sin that is 5/0 thanks to my e.g. kata/fiora pushing non stop and while being 50 cs up on him as karthus scaling way harder into late, he does not invade me, I set up control wards, secure vision, but that does not stop katlover69 from trying to 1v1 the enemy zed even though lee sin has been there for the past 3 all ins he made

Had a Darius RQ on me because I wouldn’t gank his lane Lv 4 as Shyvana against Kalista, by which point he had already died twice.

Had an Evelynn gank me lvl 3 for no reason, (can’t remember what I was playing or playing against, but kinda even in strength I believe) only to have Olaf countergank and get a free double

playing eve in this elo is kinda gigacancer, it’s insane how many people have no idea evelynn stealths(even on your own team) so they just walk up randomly and hold up a superbowl advertisement that you’re ganking

As an Eve main this sort of thing is infuriating. Especially when it’s a scaling champ on my team vs a lane bully. No, I shouldn’t come help you — we can’t win a 2v2.

Then I’m 50 farm up and 2 levels, but it doesn’t matter because that same scaling lanes kept inting instead of playing safe.

PSA: realize who your jungle is and what their strengths are.

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