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r/AzureLane - I tried getting closer to Javelin-chan.

Affinity progression in a nutshell


I prefer the “Like” one, honestly.

Frazzled Javelin is absolutely adorable.

Ranger’s crush quote is like that.

I hope one day we’ll be able to add the affinity lines to main screen secretary lines 😛

Javelin is way too adorable.

As the Javelin-loving filth that I am, this really hit home.

Love had some ominous features. Could just be the lighting though.

Source: 祷 Pixiv

We will watch your career with great interest.

Like: javelin.exe has stopped working

Javelin dear, Tadaima ^ _ ^

That moment when you finally have someone waiting for you at home…..

My first waifu in the game. ♥️ the first song that came to my mind after seeing this post

Ah my lovely javelin. She is always adorable!

Yep, that’s Javelin chan for you. X3

Hi Aoba

What about marriage

I’m absolutely in love with this. Extremely wholesome progression, which led to an extremely wholesome conclusion.

These are great, keep up the good work !

God I wish that were me

I tip my hat to you, one shikikan to another

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