Reddit Anime Post: I snuck this onto her character and she said yes! : skyrim

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r/skyrim - I snuck this onto her character and she said yes!

Somehow, the pathetic enchantment percentage just makes this even better.

This must not be his first time up to the altar then.

No point wasting a black soul gem, they don’t grow on trees you know.

You have a point, but he used her character. So I guess he wouldn’t want to waste her good items, so if you think about it, it’s actually better.

It just works.

Marriage isn’t about the strength of the enchantment – it’s about how long it can last.

If he really loved her he would have used the Enchanting exploit thousands of times

Dude used a petty soul gem to pop the question? Oh my God wouldn’t even spare a common?

Love you 1%!

That’s what happens when broke brigands don’t spend 3 months salary.

I suppose I agree with you.

I’m glad she’s not one of those “if he doesn’t spend at least three potions in the crafting and wear all his perked armor in making it, then why would I waste my time?” gals. Congrats OP, that means she’s probably a good one.

Lmao I would have done some restoration glitching to at least make it a god ring

Should have enchanted it with Soul Trap.

Restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic.

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