Reddit Anime Post: I like Tahm’s Lore, because I imagine it giving some poor designer a migraine. : leagueoflegends

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“So he’s a river demon who makes deals”

“What kind of deals?”

“Oh you know – the demon kind. Like he makes a deal and it has a price to be paid”

“yeah but what’s the price”

“oh-ho-ho it’s a high price indeed”

“Yes… but what is it?”

“Well it’s not the price anyone would agree to if they knew it going in”

“Okay, yeah, I get the concept Deal with the Devil, TV Tropes, I know. But what actually happens”

“Well, he sates his appetite”

“So he eats them?”

“oooh old tahm kench hungers for more than just flesh”

“So… what, he eats the irony? What does he actually get from their end of the deal?”

“Just you wait, you’ll see… what happens to people who let Tahm in”

“In where? Is he eating them or is he, now, possessing them?”

“Oh believe me, Tahm has a voracious appetite”

“So he DOES eat them”

“Only if they agree to step inside his mouth and the abyss within”

“Okay great, so he does eat them. Moving O–“

“Yes, and he takes them to where they dare not dream to go”

“Wait… so eating them is how he fulfils HIS part of the deal, what’s their part then?”

“Everyone ends downriver… eventually”

“Literally – what does that even mean.”

I hear the ‘oh-ho-ho’ so clearly in my head

oh ho ho patented skinner burgers old family recipe

Oh-ho-ho travellers!


Are you approaching me?

Ojou-sama Kench when?

everytime i see oh ho ho ho written the only thing i can think of is freeza

this is all i hear

“Literally – what does that even mean.”

“Nobody knows what that means, but it’s provocative”

It gets the people goin’!

Best line.

it means everyone is gonna die one day

🌊🌊 wavey

I want prozd to read this..

Can Prozd just please read everything?

Either him or /u/joezieja.

King Dragon sends his regards

fuck now I need that too

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