Reddit Anime Post: I have no idea what my character found in the garage, but it was terrifying : gtaonline

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Shirtless Lester

seems like an appropriate reaction then

Lester with his new asian girlfriend from the casino heist

He was completely nude…..

Personally, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10ft barge pole.

Mhmmmm shirtless Lester

Naked Lester



Shirtless Lester with oversized nipples

No, it was him entering the garage in the hospital gown.


Lester the molester back at it again

UwU o_o

burns tablet, logs off reddit, cancels data plan ….contemplates how he managed to log off reddit after burning aforementioned tablet

Wtf is this thread omg I am deadddd😂😂😂

Hahahaha lol

Maybe its Trevor waking up in your garage.

But why did he run away?

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