Reddit Anime Post: I build Hayasaka in Minecraft : Kaguya_sama

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It amazes me how people do this. I can’t even draw a good circle of this magnitude in Minecraft

You’ve got some good priorities; first thing you worked on after the outline was her thighs. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Original Image:
Build in Survival
Build time approximately ~6 to 7 hours

6 to 7 hours? Holy shit, you legend!!!

Damn. Have my upvote

Thank you sir! :3

Good job!

But who is the girl next to her?

She kinda looks like Misaka Mikoto

Thenks 😛

Yes. It is Misaka 🙂

That’s rad man!

Well well well, guess I have no choice but give you my upvote for this great work

I like that you put hi 🙂

Ok… And that’s why Minecraft is still relevant!

You my friend, I like you

This is wholesome. My FAV girl.


i respect you from now. you are gifted.

That’s rad man!

I wish I had talent

what guide did you use while making this?


hey hey!!

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