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Put it off as I thought it would just be a bunch of titties. Finally watched it and I was right it is a bunch of titties, but there’s more to it. It actually has an enjoyable story to go along with the titties l. Highly reccomend

HS DxD is my guilty pleasure. I’m kinda obsessed with mythology, so I found DxD’s concept interesting (In fact, I read most of the LN).

I still defend however, that it would be better if the series was a bit more serious, and with less fan service.

Also, Issei most of the times is dense af, but tbf, the dude would have done it with Rias in the earlier episodes, if he wasn’t so rudely interrupted (a trend that happens many times throughout the series).

Is it like date a live? I usually don’t watch harems but date a live was good.

Honestly I would like for it to be remade as a shonen

Where did you buy the LN ?

Yeah. I would never judge anyone for liking HS DxD, but if you genuinely think it’s good, I don’t trust judgement on any anime. I just can’t imagine we would like any of the same anime. HS DxD is the only anime that I genuinely hated, and I think that’s somewhat on me because I didn’t know enough about it going into it. I’m fine with fan service, but not when it takes away from the characters. The one thing I will never be able to understand about people is how anyone can care about a plot, if the characters are one dimensional. To me, it’s strictly characters > plot. I think it’s like that for a lot of people, they just don’t really realize it. But the if I don’t care about what happens to the end of the characters, then it just becomes boring.

I don’t know, I see HS DxD getting recommend a lot on this sub, and I just don’t get it. Like I get liking it for shallow reasons, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I can even see saying there are good parts of it, but it’s not exactly top tier anime. Every time I think of this anime, I just think of Miyazaki saying, “Anime was a mistake.” Like, I like Grey’s Anatomy, but I would never say it’s good because it’s the worst. But I’m not going to be ashamed I like it either. I don’t know, I think I’ve lost focus on what this post was about. I guess my point is I still think HS DxD is trash, but you’re not trash for liking it. It’s healthy to be critical of things you like, if that makes any sense.

Surprised how you read the LN but don’t understand why he didn’t do anything to her tbh.

Exactly people think that it isn’t good and watch it for the ecchi and fan service, when it actually has such a good story and plot. It is better than 90 percent of anime I have watched. It’s funny, packed with action, some fan service, op mc, and a harem. It has it all but I will complain about the mc being dense as shit, but that is most harems anyway.

Exactly and honestly I feel like the MC being dense is just part of the comedy the show goes for

Don’t worry he has a good reason for being Dense

THANK YOU omg I’ve always been embarrassed to admit I watched and enjoyed HS DxD

issei was dense but that was brcause his first girlfriend killed him horribly and didnt want to be hurt again

The first paragraph sounds like metamorphosis with extra steps

I would recommend the dub for anyone trying to watch it even if you use subs 90% of the time (like me). The cursing is just hilarious and the voices are just overall good

Ive watched some of the panels….they spent hours and hours coming up with synonyms for boobs….that was a part of issei in the first two seasons…it kinda died away as the person doing it was moved to a different role behijd the scenes

I feel like they realized just how great the lore and story could be later on when they decided to add in censored versions

Really? DxD is being recommended for the story! What’s wrong with people

is it really more than just titties tho

It really is a good anime. Definitely one of the top for me. I’m not sure why I like it so much, though. Maybe it’s all because of Koneko.

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