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This thread is where our army of veteran summoners will help you find a gacha game. Whether you’re new to the genre or a grizzled veteran, the helpful folks here will be happy to recommend a game for you.
Please post your requests for game recommendations here and do not start a new post.

That’s the easy part. Just make a reply to this post with some details about what you’re looking for.

“I’m currently regularly playing Granblue, Azur Lane, Valkyrie Connect, and Tales of Erin regularly, with Azur Lane being my current favorite. That said im really into the oath system AL has.”

“I’m looking for a Gacha game which is very skill dependant, that doesn’t have any sort of “auto play” mechanics and that isn’t just a game about “unrealistic amounts of time /money = progression”

“I want a game where I don’t have to pull multiple copies of the same hero to make the heroes usable.

“I do not care about meta and pvp ranking. So I would like to play a game where good characters are not locked behind pvp ranking rewards.”

The more detail you provide, the better the responses you will receive. What games have you played in the past? What did you like or dislike about them? Are you looking for real-time or turn-based? Is there an art style that you really like or don’t like?

Also easy!

Read the request thoroughly and don’t recommend a game that the person has said they already tried.

Don’t recommend the same game to everyone asking, and don’t bash the same game to everyone asking.

Helpful replies should include the full name of the game, rather than an abbreviation or acronym. New summoners may not know what GBF, AL or FGO mean.

Reply to the person asking without arguing with other recommenders; this isn’t a win-lose thing.

I would like a gacha game that is similar to project x zone where you can combo or any game where the characters are fighting while we choose what skills to press. I play BBS and Last cloudia but I’m getting kind of bored of them and I need something with just as much flash as them

What’s a good side game that I can occupy myself with that maybe takes like 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to fulfill my gacha fix.

Anime-isk graphics with waifus are a selling point for me.

Arknights is a tower defense game with an anime style, is about 75-25 Waifu/Husbando, and following the first few days in which you get lots of Sanity (Energy) it becomes a game you play for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times per day (barring when you get stuck on difficult missions or manage the base).

It seems to check most of the boxes you’re looking for, especially since the limited Sanity forces you to treat it as a side game. The writing is pretty much a joke unfortunately, and the gameplay is very hands-on so it might not be that casual.

I’ve only played Night Agent, I’m not so familiar with gachas, I think almost anything would work. I would like a game where you can advance in a regular basis without spending a ridiculous amount of money and hours, and that it is in english or spanish. I also tried FGO but i think i don’t like that much the “light novel” type of thing, but if it has story, much better. idk if it’s common to have in gachas, but i would like a game where it has some variety of modes to play (Brawl, PvE, PvP, etc.).

Give Honkai Impact a go then. Story, events , latest open world etc. are a smooth sail since you won’t be using your units most of the time. Story is great even though it takes some time to get to the good part. Bunch of different game modes for sure.

I’ve tried nearly every game mentioned on the subreddit but I haven’t found anything that sticks yet. Maybe I just haven’t given it enough of a chance. I like turn-based like in E7 or summoners way but I’m open to something new if it’s deep enough. Gacha rates can be shitty, I don’t mind that. I don’t really care about if the story is good or not either. What I’m really looking for is a cute gacha with some husbando if possible. My ideal gacha would have a deep combat system without being overwhelming where I can bring while watching tv.


We have husbandos, Silver Ash, Hellagur, Matterhorn and other people err Ansel

Very deep combat system where you can use a number of unit combinations to clear maps,the game eases you in it so your brain won’t immediately melt

Once you finished a map at 3 stars you can set it to auto so you can farm form mats while watching shows or doing other games

Did you try Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia? Danmachi is also nice, but a bit more on the waifu side (still some husbandos and def cute).

Is it still worth going in FGO right now as a free 2 play to dolphin player? I have heard all good reviews about it. Also, what is the associated anime that goes with it?

Story is amazing but your gacha luck may vary.

You can get away with low rarity units to clear the various nodes, and you can borrow a unit from the whale friends to help you chug along. If you’re not too liberal on your quartz expenditure you can save up a good bit to burn on banners.

We’re gonna have the Anniversary soon so there’s some quartz in store for your rerolls or initial pool of units.

Currently we have a Character with the voice of Seto Kaiba punching swords like a boss.

Your anime’s are:

It’s spoilery if you haven’t finished Babylonia yet but we have the grand order anime

Fate stay night

Fsn: unlimited blade works

Prisma Illya

Emiya gohan

Carnival phantasm

FSN: presage flower and related movies

Fate Apocrypha

Fate zero

And technically Kara no kyoukai

Watch Fate/Zero (good starting point in the fate series) and see if you like it. If you do, you’ll probably like FGO. Even if it doesn’t click with you, it still wouldn’t hurt to try FGO out. 3rd anniversary will come around soon giving some free stuff, so its a pretty decent time to start.

I’ve been Dragalia Lost and AFK Arena for a while now, but I have personal problems with both.

AFK Arena has very little interaction with friends, you can lend and borrow a hero to a friend but they can only use it once a week, and that’s as far as interactions go. There was recently an event that felt a bit cooperative, but it’s over and probably will only appear once every couple months. Also, I don’t even know if it counts as a gacha game or not, since you’re not trying to get new heroes, you try to get duplicates to upgrade them. After three months playing chances are you have almost every hero in the game, even though not upgraded.

As for Dragalia Lost, I would feel annoyed by the stamina system but the games both gives you tons of stamina recovery items, I never ran out, and won’t consume stamina on failed quests. My real issue with it is that even though you can play it from anywhere, you can’t download it from anywhere, not from my country for example, and the game is very confusing at first, all problems I circumvented, but my friends didn’t, so I’m the only one playing.

So I’m looking for a game that is fun to play with friends, more so than lending a hero every week for a single use, has a decent roster of characters to look forward to getting, available globally and friendly to free to play players. I don’t mind spending very little every once in a while, but some of my friends would prefer to not spend anything at all (and some are the complete opposite). Lastly, my phone is not very good, anything more demanding than Dragalia Lost might put a strain on it, but I can work around that if the game is available on emulators or straight up cross platform with a computer.

I recently heard of two games that I’m looking forward to try when they become available, which are Romancing Saga Re:Universe (saw it today here, thanks subreddit), which only finishes server maintenance on thursday, and Genshin Impact that I have no idea when it will become available, so no need to suggest those, though I would appreciate if anyone wants to share their opinion about them.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia has live co-op with up to two friends/strangers. For now, they are usually easy-only (harder ones are expected to become a standard addition in August I think), but at least one is active at any point in time. Each person can hold up to five bells, and only one person uses one bell per battle. There is however not much interaction except stickers and, from Thursday on, sometimes also voice lines of the character.

So you can do co-op together, and lend each other’s heroes every four hours (iirc). It can be kind of demanding on the phone, but I know people are using emulators successfully. It’s available everywhere except Belgium. It’s very F2P friendly, with loads of resources available for free, and now is a good time to start playing as there’s one ridiculously good character in the draws (Keiss) and one great one (Alphinaud) and next month there will be a free multi on every banner and another set of great units.

Hi, I have tried a lot of gacha games, but nothing stuck with me. The games I liked and played most are Dragalia Lost and Guardian Tales, so if someone could suggest me something similar that would be great. Thanks.

Not an ARPG, but Another Eden has that JRPG feel with great story and characters.

F2P friendly with lewd anime girls please

Last origin Kr, too bad the latest game version can not use English patch

Stella Maiden ( recently got taken down from playstore because too lewd. you can still play from APK)

Azur Lane ( if you into loli lewd )

Destiny Child is the way to go.

Hi, I’m looking for a gacha that plays in portrait mode (I don’t like landscape gameplay), and is not too much time consuming.

A game where you can play once or twice a day and keep progressing. I am not afraid of grinding if it does not mean playing 3 hours a day.

I played AFK Arena for month, and really liked it since you can just do dailies and summon every few days. I tried getting back to it but the tier list has changed and the characters I spent time and some money into are now surpassed by new and rarer characters so it would feel like starting over.

I’m currently playing a bit of Fire Emblem Heroes but I don’t find a routine like I had in AFK Arena, when I would connect in the morning to do some dailies etc.

I don’t want my gacha to be my main video game, but something I can play casually maybe one hour a day or even less, and still keep getting better every week or so.

I’m considering starting Granblue Fantasy, would it fit my needs ?
What would you recommend besides this one ?

Mobile Legends Adventures is becoming an AFK clone with better graphics. They copied every single mechanic except Lab, which is different. Not sure if it’s qualify advise, just a replacement for AFKA

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