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This thread is where our army of veteran summoners will help you find a gacha game. Whether you’re new to the genre or a grizzled veteran, the helpful folks here will be happy to recommend a game for you.
Please post your requests for game recommendations here and do not start a new post.

That’s the easy part. Just make a reply to this post with some details about what you’re looking for.

“I’m currently regularly playing Granblue, Azur Lane, Valkyrie Connect, and Tales of Erin regularly, with Azur Lane being my current favorite. That said im really into the oath system AL has.”

“I’m looking for a Gacha game which is very skill dependant, that doesn’t have any sort of “auto play” mechanics and that isn’t just a game about “unrealistic amounts of time /money = progression”

“I want a game where I don’t have to pull multiple copies of the same hero to make the heroes usable.

“I do not care about meta and pvp ranking. So I would like to play a game where good characters are not locked behind pvp ranking rewards.”

The more detail you provide, the better the responses you will receive. What games have you played in the past? What did you like or dislike about them? Are you looking for real-time or turn-based? Is there an art style that you really like or don’t like?

Also easy!

Read the request thoroughly and don’t recommend a game that the person has said they already tried.

Don’t recommend the same game to everyone asking, and don’t bash the same game to everyone asking.

Helpful replies should include the full name of the game, rather than an abbreviation or acronym. New summoners may not know what GBF, AL or FGO mean.

Reply to the person asking without arguing with other recommenders; this isn’t a win-lose thing.

Looking for a game that is generous with their premium currency. Recently got into bleach immortal souls I think and every little thing would give you premium currency. I also prefer games with auto function so I can mindlessly farm while watching shows/streams.

E7 is generous, particularly if you can climb in arena. It has auto farming while online with pets which you unlock after playing the game for a bit.

The first game that pops in my mind is Destiny Child. The game is extremely generous with gems, which is the currency used for summoning. You can get 1 10x summon every 3 days if all you do are dailies. After maintenance, they give 10x summon tickets and quite often guaranteed 5 star tickets. The gameplay is pretty much fully auto as well.

If I play Dragalia Lost a lot, what other game might suit me? Presentations a big thing for me (So if it’s on the older side it’s less likely that I’ll play it).

Just looking for a gacha with an art style similar to Raid Shadow Legends. More dark-ish fantasy. Most gachas I see are either anime style or childish fantasy. Just want to try something else that’s more mature in theme like Raid is.

Check out age of magic. Has great graphics and has a similar art style to raid. Much more ftp friendly too and you can get most characters from just being smart in your planning.

If you’re OK with anime graphics (not the cutesy kind but not Western art either) Arknights and GFL are both pretty “dark games” with depressing stories and characters trending more towards cool rather than cute.

Their gameplay is quite different from Raid though, but they’re both pretty good games with a decent fanbase.

Hi! Please, help me 🙂 Im looking for gacha with:

Real time pvp

various pve content

Best regards. ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

Revue Starlight~

We also have a miku Colab and a birthday gacha going on so there’s some nice reroll pools also a 4 star ticket.

Seven deadly sins grand cross.

Between FFDOO and KR, what is the better casual PvE game? I’m looking for a game that doesn’t require a ton of time spent playing to progress. Which one has the less steep climb to the top to reach end game?

I don’t know about King’s raid, but DFFOO is low upkeep (short dailies, short events), but does require some grinding for top-level quests. It can be minimized during events and there’s QoL updates to ensure it’s not too awful, but you still have to spend about 2 hours of a active playing (auto isn’t good enough) per 2-3 characters for summon boards, and that’s assuming a x6 multiplier and at least 2 of the units being upgraded a decent amount. Overall, you’ll be able to do lv.100 quests in no time and lv.150 is pretty easy to do, but lv.180 requires more investment, if still not a ridiculous amount.

I personally log in 5-15 minutes a day, extended to a few hours if I feel like playing, and then during summon board events I’m regularly on for ~4 hours a day, if not every day of the event.

Hey, looking to get into my firstish gacha 🙂 Because even I don’t know exactly what I want I’d appreciate a few recs. Mobile games I’ve enjoyed in the past are Kingdoms at War and Sword of Phantasia. Sword of Phantasia was amazing but I’m pretty sure it got shutdown after a few months back in 2014 or 2015 so I wouldn’t be surprised if no ones heard of it, but it was developed by Pokelabo so something by them is probably a plus.

Other than that just lookin for -Anime style -Awesome Soundtrack -of course, great waifus


Well I have a couple reccomendations.

Epic Seven is a quality gacha. Its a little over a year old and has a consistent player base. Music is alright, story could use some work but the waifus are good. Has a good “pity” system so youre guaranteed your waifu as long as you keep at it as opposed to some games where you can theoretically spend infinite money without getting what you’re after. Has good PvE content as well as arena and a real time arena which is pretty cool.

Fire Emblem Heroes is an oldie but a goodie. Its a tile-based game like the PC games. The gachas are pretty chill so you can usually get what you want with a little bit of saving. The community is good as well. Sadly there has been some power creep though. That said I’m still using gen 1 (Were in the game when it came out) characters with success. As long as you have a good strategic head on your shoulders you should do just fine. Oh, also the waifus are good.

Arknights is a tower defense gacha. It has good art and I dont really have any complaints. If you like tower defense or don’t mind giving it a try I would suggest it.

FGO The infamous gacha you have likely heard of. It has some great waifus but the gacha is pretty unforgiving. The story is great but the gameplay is pretty dull and grindy. Frequently described as a really good visual novel you have to grind for.

Unison League is the oldest of the bunch but it has an interesting take on gacha. Instead of rolling for waifus you make a character and gacha for gear and “unison monsters” which are waifus you call to attack or buff your party. Its an interesting take on gacha and worth a look. The community can be a little off on occasion but the game is fun. It will chew a hole in your pocket if you let it but is fully playable F2P. I would reccomend playing F2P actually. You will get more than enough gems from gameplay and there is PvE gear that is really good. Also, look for guides on what banners to pull on because some are not at all worth it while others rain good gear.

I only reccomended games I have played recently/actively played. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy gacha.

You can try Granblue Fantasy for that medieval fantasy feeling. Nice art and soundtrack.

Gonna recommend Honkai Impact 3rd if you want to try something different. soundtrack and the songs are great. Good gameplay, graphics and waifus to go along with it.

Granblue fantasy is one i would recommend since it has 1) a lot of good soundtracks (my fav currently is [The Ultimate] ) and most of them play as you progress in the fights. 2)lots of waifus and husbandos to pick from

Pokelabo has upcoming SinoAlice global

How about Girls Frontline ?

awesome soundtrack eh,try sdorica not technically anime-ish but they have great artwork,f2p friendly,and awesome soundtrack (theyre the guys behind cytus and deemo if that have any weight)

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