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I am disappoint

Atriox and The Banished were easily the best thing about Halo Wars 2, it’s a great idea to port them into the main series.

Here’s hoping Atriox himself is present and active in the storyline. He has the presence to hold himself against the UNSC, as well as Cortana and the Created if they’re still around.

If The Banished are the sole enemy faction then I’d be a little disappointed, but with the open-ended Destiny-style gameplay rumoured I’d expect them to be one of many factions. Either way, great news!

I haven’t played Halo Wars 2 but the one thing they need to do is properly introduce them rather than just assume people have already played Halo Wars 2

“We are his legacy”

Chances that 343 killed Atriox off-screen? lol

but with the open-ended Destiny-style gameplay rumoured

I haven’t heard of these rumors. Could you link me a source so I can read more?

would LOVE to see Chief and Atriox square up. I can totally see Chief being like “DUDE, we’ve got bigger fuckin problems right now”

I dont know anything about Halo wars but for the love of God I’ll take any other enemy faction over the uninspired bland and repetitive forerunner types from 4 and 5.

I really need to get around to playing halo wars 2. It ran at like 20 fps on my old potato pc, but I got a new one a year ago and forgot about the game xD

I’m extremely hyped since this indicates strongly that the Banished will be in Infinite.

On a side note, it’s crazy that Infinite was revealed over 2 years ago and this is the first indication of ANYTHING gameplay/story related thus far

If The Banished are the sole enemy faction then I’d be a little disappointed, but with the open-ended Destiny-style gameplay rumoured I’d expect them to be one of many factions. Either way, great news!

I’ve seen a lot of people groan about this but if the leaks are true then I feel it’ll be considerably more exciting. The idea being it’s still a Halo game with stages but each stage is a chunked off part of the game world. Sort of like if you were able to stitch the stages of Half-Life 1 together they create a cohesive single world.

open-ended destiny style gameplay

Excuse me?

I found halo wars 2 plot rpetty boring.

This is the brute faction from Halo Wars 2 right? Count me in. I’m excited to see this 4 way war in Infinite. Maybe 5 if the flood return?

The flood are still trapped on the ark for all we know.

Though if the Cortana logic plague theory pans outs, then we’re all in for rude awakening.

call me greedy, but I would really like to see some gameplay soon. I’m glad they’re bringing in cool story elements from the larger halo universe but I also want to know if this is going to be more of halo 5 or a totally new thing

Whoa. This looks exciting! I did a lot of mocap for Spartan Jerome and some of the Banished in Halo Wars 2… I love the idea of Atriox and company making their way into the main series.

Did they call you back for this game :P. Also loved the animation work in HW2, replaying through it again characters are very emotive, cool stuff

Quick gameplay implications rundown for you:

New banished versions of vehicles

New banished weapons

Brute led faction, no idea if we’ll see any covenant remnant faction but if we do they’ll probably have elites as enemies. Then again 343 could use the Banished as replacements for usual covenant enemies considering they also have elites in their ranks.

This also means we might see 3 enemy factions in infinite, with the Banished, Prometheans, and the Flood.

Watch these movie-quality cutscenes and you’ll understand the basic of it

there is a trailer about him:

Fuck I hope infinite is noob friendly, it’s the first new game on PC so there will be a lot of new players

Please watch the trailer. Atriox is an epic enemy.

I think the trailer is more badass than the actual cinematic in game that introduces him, which is why I copied this.

He’s a great character addition to the universe.

Edit: lol did not see the other people post this before I posted it. Watch it again anyways!

They’re a group of pirate mercenaries that splintered off from the covenant to do their own thing. They don’t believe in the prophets or the covenant religion, but they believe in greed and war. Essentially, their sole purpose is to conquer and plunder.

Well, time to put Halo Wars 2 to the top of my “to play” pile. I need to catch up on my story before the Infinite presentation at Julys Xbox event.

I was a massive fan of the original Halo Wars, but never actually got around to playing the sequel despite all the good things I’ve heard regarding the campaign.

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