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r/skyrim - First tattoo idea?

It would look rad as fuck. Definitely do your research to find an artist who can pull off that level of detail, it’s not something everyone can do.

That’s rad. Do it!

One of the devs at Bethesda has this as their desktop background.

I saw a YouTuber with it too

Do it

Turned 21 in May and I never got round to starting my tattoos, gonna eventually have a a fully body of them! Thinking of this as a large piece on my calf once the parlours re-open.

Make sure that if you do it in full bright color that you get someone who knows that well don’t cheap out and regret it for the rest of your life

Fork yeah

Am I allowed to set this as my phone wallpaper?

Go crazy. This artwork has been around so long no one actually knows who it belongs to.

Very cool concept but that is going to need to be changed to translate into a tattoo. Tattoos are definitely something that is worth paying more to have a reputable artist work on.

Very cool.

Can you post it when you get it?

That’s cool as fuck, did you design??

Just a heads up. The detail in the confined area is gone to blur and fade. You might want to talk to the tattoo artist about basing one on that, that will last and look good for a long time.

Don’t do it, it might like good in theory and immediately after but those colours won’t last very long and it’ll look like a mess after a couple years. Especially if it’s small

Didn’t expect so many replies to this 😂 BTW this is not my artwork to any wondering/asking permissions, it’s my desktop BG too. I know a very talented artist near me that is a close family friend, tattoos smaller celebrities and the like, costs a fortune but is absolutely worth it. I know colour doesn’t hold as great but I’m more than willing to have it recoloured when necessary. Thanks for the support guys ❤

Arrow > knee

Get a “We Know” hand on your butt.

If you can maybe try to find the original artist and ask them first if you want this exactly? Or ask a good tattoo artist to do something with a similar design rather than copy it exactly. Good idea though, if you can find a good artist 🙂

Tbh this artwork has been on the internet so long and has been reposted so many times I don’t think anyone actually knows who the original creator is

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