Reddit Anime Post: Epic Plz Wednesday 24/Jun/2020 : FortNiteBR

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What do you want fixed in the game, and why is it console lag?

What do you want changed in the game, and why is it the removal of the legendary shotgun?

What do you want added to the game, and why is it this man?

Pls add rocket launchers back into team rumble. I need a use for rocket ammo.

I’ve dedicated today to get explosive weapons expert and I gave up on team rumble for that.


I haven’t seen a rocket launcher since the new season started. Big change from what we were getting just before last season ended.

Epic please give us LTMs again. It’s been months since we’ve had a proper LTM.

Floor is lava please!


getaway, air royale, old gun game

Please fix slow glider glitch and add infantry and campfires back ingame

Campfires are gone? I see them all the time…

With storm camping still being a problem in endgame competitive, campfires probably won’t be added back as items.

(unless they vault fish for some reason)

Please bring back 50 v 50 it is a fun game mode that feels more like a real game instead of team rumble where you all you’re doing is landing at a tall build battle, get two or three kills and die and that’s it.

To me personally it’s no fun since you don’t have to think about what you’re doing where as in 50 v 50 there is total chaos and you still have to keep yourself alive while reviving you’re teammates under heavy fire.

But that’s it lol

If they bring back 50v50, I hope they unvault bandage bazookas and have multiple bottomless chug jugs. I also hope they let you put a downed person in a vehicle, without anyone having to carry them. It would be cool become a medic in 50v50, especially if they give us an ambulance when cars get released

They should make 50v50 but with a wall in the middle or something

Epic please keep the Season 3 punch card format for future seasons! It’s fun to have a record kept of things like total damage, total materials harvested, number of eliminations with each weapon type, etc. that we can follow throughout the season.

where is this in the game?

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