Reddit Anime Post: Dragon sneak attack : skyrim

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Jeepers mister, you’re really strong.

What’s that from… I heard it a few days ago

Got him right in the pooper. <golf claps>

Too close for comfiort…

Wow what level are you?


Until at last, I threw down my enemy and smote his ruin upon the mountainside.

Just watched this for the millionth time yesterday. Just love all the LoTR movies.

What weapon was that?

Daedric dagger unenchanted

What visual mods are you using? This looks amazing. O.O Also nice sneak attack.

Thank you! I have over 200 mods so im not really sure where to begin lol

Fus inhale


All this time I’ve been hitting dragons in the face thinking that was the weakest point. I was WAY off! Please write a dragon hunting tactics book and name it “Dragon slaying: pre existing holes and how to exploit them”

I always assumed they just started flying whenever you got within a certain range of them…

if you like this you’ll love this

if you like this you’ll love this

Perfectly balanced as all Skyrim should be


You kicked it‘s butt,

I’m barley able to get a sneak strike with a bow how is this possible?

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