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Doublelift on Tyler1 hitting challenger with recent voyboy's solo q video

this game’s community is the high school hallway.

It’s just reddit. Vocal minority that all agrees with itself, and because of the upvote system people who agree go to the top while people who disagree (even if they are saying facts) are at the bottom. I dislike twitter a lot but at least you see different opinions there and not just the hivemind like on reddit.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the average age of users on this sub is <15. Would make sense why they’re always so hot on the pettiest shit

Tbh it’s in every community. I was in many communities and there was drama between members always.

Perfectly coincides with the mentality of players and orgs lol.

Hey I got a secret for ya

High school never really ends

gotta disagree w doublelift on this one. voy’s just a positive guy and pays praise forward. cant fight fire with fire man. sorry dlift, you’re hard in the wrong here.

Here is your Streamable mirror link!

DL is right on this one. Voyboy wants solo que to better but he is unwilling to call out his buddies.

DL is right on this one. Voyboy want’s solo que to better but he is unwilling to call out his buddies.

Completely agree. I love me some Voyboy, but his position is not logically consistent. When it comes to griefing and AFKing, T1 is a notorious repeat offender. The idea that you give him a free pass because he’s your boy is laughable.

League needs to have a clear code of conduct, where all griefers and AFKers are punished, plebs and big streamers alike.

That’s how it is, they are both streamers and they both benefit and profit from each other especially because Tyler is insanely popular right now and a lot of his fans are drooling for their hero now that he got challenger. What DL says is insanely true, he’s being super hypocritical.

Except he has actually called T1 out for his behaviour in games when they have both been together and T1 been negative when VB trying to win.

I have just a slight hunch it’s not Voyboys fucking job to call out people.

It’s Riots job to fucking ban people.

Voy calls out Tyler all the time

But was not doublelift the player with “motivation issues” who essentially did give up and troll? Just saying he really doesn’t have much room to talk with his unprofessional play and shameful trade from TL this year. Sure it’s great for him to call Tyler1 toxic but at least Tyler1 isn’t throwing pro play games. Not saying Tyler isn’t toxic, but Doublelift hasn’t been a shining example this year either.

Life is not black and white. You can congratulation someone for reaching their goal without advocating the negative things they have done (or are currently doing).

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