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[DISC] Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru - Chapter 60

Ayumu : Task successfully failed


She must’ve really been thirsty

Thirsty for his milk.

Aw shucks. He almost had it.

Ponytails are so good

Preview of next chapter

hahaha senpai cat

you look wonderful despite that fact

Chad level 10000

Goddamn it, Ayumu! XD

Yamamoto and his characters that seem like they can read minds amirite?

I wish to see more ponytail Urushi in the future chapters.

Why is that gate entrance so low… Even she is close to hitting its top with her head…

Everyone talks about how big their foreheads are but nobody ever mentions how their mouths can take up half their face 😀

Clearly doing it wrong. Ayumu’s mouth should be taking up half of Urushi’s face.


Yaotome Urushi is a precog!

That’s a pretty plausible reason for her he came up with

Return of the Hightail

For a second, I thought that he had correctly guessed what her dream was like because he has similar dreams himself.

Love her noises when she’s flustered by his compliments~


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