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[DISC] Pseudo Harem - Chapter 94: Signals [Saitou Yuu]

Rin isn’t scoping out the rivals rather she is learning from the different girls to hone her personas better. Get ready for cheerful-chan 2.0, cool-chan 2.0 etc Eji.

cheerful-chan 2.0, cool-chan 2.0

But she doesn’t currently have a cheerful-chan or tsuyayaka-chan in her repertoire. They’d be different characters with different attributes thanks to the different names

The 100 pseudo girlfriend personas that really, really, really, love senpai

Rin is unstoppable, she devours her rivals skills and takes them as her own.


It’s an ability more powerful than the Sharingan.

We are not dealing with the average pseudo harem anymore she is a super pseudo harem

And this, children, is how new pseudo-waifus are born

Love how Senpai did not question, as soon as the signal was sent he got into action even if it made no sense

The best part is that while she’s looking for potential competition, he’s only paying attention to her

Sporty girl kinda cute tho

Rin sees new potential waifu material and thinks…

I’m down with the Shiny-chan

If you don’t mind Yuri, you can even have a manga with her

Eiji is such a dork ahaha how was he any match for the harem Rin for all these chapters?

Lol he’s hiding in his own class

Rin is gathering different movesets and the fluff is too god

Now that saeki is finished this will be my main source of fluff to combat the great darkness of berserk, vagabond and vinland.

Anyone got any more great fluff i can read ?

<’tis time for “torture”, princess> <Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san> <Himeno-chan ni Koi wa Mada Hayai> <Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru> <Hitoribocchi> Not exactly fluff, but <Machikado Mazoku> is hella cute and has fluff-y chapters

Are you talking about Dignified asleep Saeki? When did that end?

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