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[DISC] Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband - Ch.51

I’m gonna be real, a honey lemon chicken sandwich sounds fucking bomb

There was an Asian restaurant here that had the best honey lemon chicken. It then closed last year. I would kill for that meal again. The universe is cruel.

Reminds me of the best chicken sandwich I had back in the old days. There was a bee.

I’ll do a turkey and Brie sandwich with honey and lemon zest and Granny Smith apple slices once a week. It’s bomb especially on a croissant roll when I can find a decent one

I cannot believe they fucking made fun of the damn bee the manga put in by itself. With Tatsu’s flashback I was kinda hoping we’d go into how they met and got together with Miku though

It’s like the red string of fate; uniting two destined lovers at a pivotal moment intricately woven by the universe itself…

Except it’s a bee.

The bee ruined everything

The author kinda did explain how they met though. Tatsu in a gang fight, probably a raid. Survive with gunshot wounds and fell in the back alley, Miku came by and probably is the one who saved him.

And there was a bee.

I feel like I learned something about Tatty, but at the same time experienced that knowledge in a fever dream.

10/10 would read with rice.

It goes quite well with bread too

11/10 with honey?

ngl the main reason i wanted to re-read this chapter (rather, this new version) was to check the names of the sweets they got.

was not disappointed

Damn straight, I went straight to the menu item names and “Life’s just peachy fresh fruit smoothie” hit the sweet spot.

Whats up with the bee

Probably because of the honey. A random bee appearing out of nowhere probably means that the honey feels like it appeared out of nowhere.

It’s just imagery due to the flavour of the dishes.

The bee just represents honey, in a joking manner

Has there ever been a bad chapter? This manga is just too good.

Anime when?!

This chapter: adding new food on menu, deep pasts, and bees

Comment section: BEES???

Oh god there’s bees in the comment section. This chapter was the honey lemon chicken sandwich all along.


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