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r/skyrim - Didn’t know this was a dialogue option. Hilarious - Mod, I assume?

Mod, I assume?

I think it’s from Guard dialogue overhaul. But I’m not 100% sure

I actually have no idea XD

they are on xbox look again

It isn’t. Must have been added by a mod 🙂 good response though

Developers should always sneak one really weird line into one copy of the game.[ Undedited? Unmodded? Nobody will ever believe you 🙂 ]

I’ve seen this, and I have a bunch of mods. Probably from a mod.

Its defo a mod lmao

Ah yes, totally not a mod

Yes. I really hate these bastards.. like I’m the one who saved the world from World eating dragons, Sun swallowing vampire, mind bending Dragonborn and I’m the only one who can’t shout because it’s too loud for some old fart or people are getting nervous!!?

clap clap clap.

ey man this no time to fap!

“Oh sorry is my presence making people nervous? Me, who literally saved the entire planet multiple times and personally killed the dragon who would have burned down your house and city? I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m needed around here.”

Or, my personal favorite response

I feel bad when i use clear skies to help the people and the guards say this to me, like dude, uncool 🙁

Imagine your crops dying and the region going through a famine because the Dragonborn, savior of the world, doesn’t want to get wet.

That’s probably Guard Dialogue Overhaul.

It’s a mod

This is a mod.

Haha nice mod

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