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r/Animemes - Daily Erwin meme #920

If only Bible Black was about Christianity.

Wait it isn’t??

The real man of culture here

At least we have evangelion to study

Came here to say that

Doki doki little ossyan: am i a joke to you?

Gabriel dropout could do it

Oh yea

i know what im fapping to tonight.

Nah, Gab-chan will blow her horn if you distract her from her game

Was thinking the same thing

Fact: When SharkTRS was but a young sharklet, he wanted to have the same aesthetic as Wayne Static

what the fuck

I only just found out your account exists and I love it

So what does this comment mean like what are shark RTS facts because nothing makes sense. Can someone pleade answer my question I wana be involved in a funny conversation on reddit as well.

Me, a christian weeb: And this is where my popular phase begins!

Me, a muslim weeb : and this is where my convincing phase begins!

Jesus’ popular phase was a rollercoaster.

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