Reddit Anime Post: Community Battle Pass Prediction Discussion [June 24] : DotA2

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Rank: Legend

DIRE: 55% <- Reddit’s Pick <- Winner


Think it is a stack and ogre actually play support and WR mid tho. Just saying.

Radiant has negative front line, and I’m on a win streak of 9 just based off which team has the easiest/best to execute teamfight. So I’m gonna go with dire

How did 10 legend players get in a lobby and come up with these drafts? They both look terrible.

That being said, I’m picking Dire. I feel like this Zeus is going to get abused.

I’m on 5 streak by only choose team that have more disable lol

Same. This strat worked most of the times.

5 streak here as well, mostly by luck I think, but I’ve been choosing the team with the easier heroes and win conditions that are harder to fuck up.

When the game is ranked as legend and there’s a divine 3 on one side.

I think it’s reasonable to ask Valve to show the individual player ranks. I also think they should add how long the game lasted.

Dire it is

its got to be radiant. i mean I lost the last one. but luna is op this patch and quop. also venge aura does very little for team dire.

I’m voting dire here

God I hope it’s Dire.

Don’t trust dire

If Disrp get Aghanim, dire dissapear

That’s if the game goes super late game

Voted radiant as well, because i feel like theyre better off lategame and have more winning lanes early on, but fuck me theyre all really squishy. They have good Teamfighting but just lack great engage really

go dire guys.

Gosu only failed me once, so I’m going with with dire

Uh theres so much strange with both, why venge when your team is nearly all magic, why ogre mid vs zeus, why zeus vs wr and jug, why a qop (i assume) offlane, im guessing just for arcana.

Qop offlane aint the worst, she’s good

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