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r/gtaonline - *coffin dance music starts playing*

the reason i wasnt griefing shit like this was because i was scared of players with higher level than me.


I do this in RDRO

When I was a humble lvl 12 pleb, I thinked that when you buy the cargo for the bunker, you needed to go get it.

When I saw in the map a guy with a cargo, I immediatly guessed that he stole my cargo and killed him.

The next thing I saw was he being 40-0 me with a mk2 xD

The only time you buy supplies and go get them is in the CEO Crate warehouses

lvl 21 with mk2 and missiles unlocked, shits stupid

could someone please link the video?

This one?

After seeing this for the tenth time I’m now wondering how that video was recorded or if it was a demonstration or something.

Of course it’s staged. I could be wrong but it seems the revolver doesn’t even have a hammer.

In fact it was a commercial for self-defense training.


I just send muggers after the low level griefers, works every fucking time 🙂

This is 10x funnier if you’ve seen the video.

How sad do you have to be to kill a level 1 41 times lmao

10 cents that OP has made or will make a “Tryhard bad” post

I dont know how some people go through being killed that many times.Most low ranks ive fought go passive after 5 kills lol

Happened to me today. He shot me once with the shotgun and I still killed him while I was unarmed

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