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Modern Warfare introduced the seasonal officer rank system, where your rank resets after a season ends. Do you guys like this system? or do you prefer the usual prestige system we are familiar with with the past CODs?

I personally prefer the prestige system because I like the custom prestige emblems better than the “boring” military rank emblems. Which system would you want for the next COD? Share your thoughts

Mw’s system is ass. Nuff said


Modern warfare has a terrible system it sucks.

I like what Warfare has to offer, but I prefer the Prestige mode to come back. There are so many things I would love to see come back to the game. One being how MW2 was with killstreaks as well as perks. You could run Overkill and Ghost in totally different slots.

Prestige is so much better, as long as there’s a reachable limit like last gen games. The level 1000 thing was just overkill and defeated the purpose of having levels in the first place.

If they combined the battle pass with normal prestige’s and give rewards for prestiging, it would be perfect. I love MW but I really miss prestiging. Once I get to 155 and tier 100 I have no drive to keep playing until the next season starts.


it sucks ass, prestige was way better.

MW system of challenges as well as prestige is unrewarding and feels completely numb to me. Haven’t changed my calling card once since release. Haven’t looked at the challenges since the first week. Just stupid.

I don’t really care for either

The season resets and you see a level 55, if this was a prestige system would this man still be level 55 or prestige master? THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY TO KNOW. IT SUCKS ASS

Prestige System, feels like I’ve actually accomplished something in the game instead of playing for about a week into the season of nothing but Warzone and being top rank


I actually have started to dislike the game (Even if I love so many things about it (Gunsmith, operators etc)) because I actually feel under pressure to play it now to get my money’s worth. I don’t enjoy the game anymore for this reason, plus it’s the only game that I lag on with my connection.

I deleted it while Season 4 is delayed and it feels like a breath of fresh air as I’m actually enjoying games that come with all possible unlocks baked into the game on release day.

This new system has now made me reconsider buying another COD game ever again.

I quit MW as well; for that reason as well as numerous others. I really hope Treyarch pulls it off with the next COD.

The mw system is nice, something new and all, has stuff to work towards. But I think prestige is better. You always have a reason to play, even if ur bored af of the game, you always have a reason to play and grind. If we could have prestige, as well as a battle pass…👌👌👌👌👌


I like Officer Rank System more. I haven’t used the Prestige System since Mw2

MW is a game with amazing physics and features that is held back by incredibly stupid systems like the season levels and SBMM. Game just caters to casuals and new players so it doesn’t hurt their feelings, meanwhile completely ruining the sense of getting “ better “ ( due to SBMM always punishing you ) and gives you no incentive to complete a season apart from a few cosmetics and coins, because you’ll lose all that progress anyway.. I mean the prestige system wasn’t broke, could have atleast tweaked it or added a season system on top of it, not just completely remove it. And SBMM has zero place in a non competitive game

Pretty new to cod, can someone explain to me the reward for prestiging? Isn’t it annoy to have to re-unlock all the guns?

Calling cards, emblems, the icon beside your name. I thought of it as something to work towards. It was a good feeling being able to say and show that I grinded all the way to max prestige.

I’ve never liked prestige games. As long as I can have every weapon unlocked I’m fine. I’ll take anything other than that bo2 system with the unlock token shit. Completely ruined how you leveled.

Bring back prestige but don’t make me unlock all the shit every time.


If the next cod doesn’t let you prestige like normal then I’m gonna be big maddd, had little enjoyment with multiplayer ever since I hit 155 for the first time. I feel like I’m not progressing in anyway and I liked the grind of hitting max prestige

Prestige plz. The officer ranks sucks so much balls and leaves nothing to grind for.

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