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r/manga - [ART] The Girls of Chainsaw Man - Best girl Kobeni...........'s car is there. Nice.

Best girl Kobeni………..’s car is there. Nice.

Cars are female

It always baffles me how the car get more votes than the actual character

It did place number 8th in the polls so this is indisputable.

I feel like half the manga is just setting up waifu’s then killing them off.

Power survives because she’s more like a sibling, kobeni survives because her life is suffering.

Makima survives because she’s Makima.

The fact that four out of the seven girls in the picture are dead really is telling.

TBF, two of them are revivable and one might be rebuildable.

With the recent chapter, I don’t think Power will survives for long. Also I doubt Kobeni will be out for long, she has decent character development to just be throw away.

Me before: “Hey this manga has some nice looking girls perhaps I should read”

Me after reading this comment: surprised pikachu face

With that sweet sweet latest chapter, I can kinda see that Power is getting killed too.

Please prove me wrong

When you realize half of them are death, and the others half likely follow suit

looks at makima sure…

Only Himeno is really dead. Reze and Quanxi are like Denji, and basically immortal. No way Makima isn’t doing something with them.

Bruh we need a coloured version of this

Kobeni’s car best girl

Anybody know of a subreddit for this manga?

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