Reddit Anime Post: Apparently it’s popular for people to show off their Whiterun with mods, so here’s mine! : skyrim

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r/skyrim - Apparently it's popular for people to show off their Whiterun with mods, so here's mine!

N64 Whiterun

Nah this is Morrowind Whiterun

I imagine the world at large world be basically like Hyrule Field. Sparse in detail and very simplified, but it would probably have some of that glorious N64 fog to help things along.

I can hear the highly compressed voice clip of “Never should’ve come here!” when you run into some bandits on the road.

Every copy of Super Elder Scrolls 64 is personalized

They should retroactively release Skyrim for N64.

This looks a lot like whiterun when you enter using a glitch instead of the doors.

Ye I entered with noclip

Looks like Whiterun from Arena

Huh? I encountered this bug many times by just fast traveling there without any mods or glitches.

Looks like a abandoned desert ruin

Ganon is somewhere in there.

A Whiterun without Nazeem?! Where do I sign.

to be honest all old school games look like abandoned desert ruins.

What the hell kind of botched Whiterun is this O.o

I think it’s the closeup of model that you see when you are outside the city

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